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i have a workbook that consists of several worksheets that

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i have a workbook that consists of several worksheets that are basically data input sheets. I then have a summary tab which brings specific infromation from each of the sheets. As I add new worksheets, i want to find an "automated" way to add the data to the summary page without having to copy back each cell from the worksheet to the summary page. Is there an easier way to accomplish this?



Here is how to do it:


Place the summary worksheet to the left of all the worksheet you want to include in the formula. Now Insert two worksheets one right after the summary sheet and name it "temp1", then insert another blank worksheet after the last worksheet you want to include in the formula and name it "temp2" (you can hide these two worksheets if you like).


Now to add all the values in cells A1 of all the sheets, type this formula:



Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the answer. Not just trying to sum. I'm actually just trying to list the information in the same cells across multiple sheets on one page. The kicker is that I add new sheets regularly (new products). I want to be able to add the information from these new sheets to summary easily. Thoughts?

Well it depends on the actual formulas. For some formulas you may be able to use the Indirect function, but for the majority of the rest you will need to have a custom macro written. But in either case you have to be consistent with the sheet names or have a way to tell excel which specific sheet has been added.





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
how do i get the custom macro written?

Well if it is one or a couple references that you need to apply to the new sheets and there is a logic as to the name of the sheet to be added, I can do it for you within the scope of this question. But if it is going to be more than that then I suggest you open a new question and include your file and make sure you assign an appropriate $ amount to the question to encourage the experts to take the question.




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