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Mike, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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All of a sudden, my Firefox 3.5.1 stopped displaying ALL images,

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All of a sudden, my Firefox 3.5.1 stopped displaying ALL images, and displays only type (USA English). I am running on a Mac OS X 10.5.7.

Let's remove the Firefox preference file and see if that helps.
Quit Firefox if open.

Go to your Finder and click on the Go menu.
In here choose Home.
Open the Library folder
Open the Preferences folder
Look for and remove the file:

Open Firefox.

Work? No work?
If this does not work, we will remove and re-install the App from a new download from Mozilla.

Let me know either way,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sorry, but the Library, Preference file didn't do the trick. I would appreciate a bit of help in where and how to get and download and install a new copy.

Also need advice on uninstalling or removing the current copy. I have a large number of website links in the status bar (that may not be the correct name, but it is below the menu bar) which I would like to keep intact.

Look forward to hearing from you. I am an early-to-bed sort of person, so I may be getting back to you until tomorrow.



Believe it or not, just drag it to the Trash. Empty it.

Then download a new version and drag that into your Applications folder. You won;t lose anything like Bookmarks because theya re saved separately. if this continues after the new one is installed, then we will look at that folder and see if anything in there is causing this.

Get it here.

Then try it.

Let me know,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Nope. I drug the old one into the trash, downloaded it again, ran it, and the problem remained.

Is it time to go out and shoot myself yet? :)



No, just go in the garage and get thgat old Trebuchet out you built in college and toss the Mac in there and let it fly.


Ok, let's try something else.

I want to open Firefox in Safe Mode.

This will require a simple command we will enter into an application called Terminal.

Go to your Finder and then to the Go menu.
Choose Utilities from that menu
In Utilities, open Terminal.
Copy and paste this line. Do not add anything. then hit return on keyboard:

/Applications/ -safe-mode

Read the following and you will see how to work with it in Safe-Mode. If you get graphics, then we know something is causing this to happen that would normally load. Using this mode and the window (if you see the popup window, then we are ahead already), you can selectively load some things and then see where it fails again and find out what it was that caused it.

How to know you are in Safe Mode


  • A window called Firefox Safe Mode with some troubleshooting options appears.

At that point, you can either continue to Safe Mode or select some troubleshooting options and restart Firefox in normal mode to apply the changes.

If you choose to continue in Safe Mode:

  • All extensions will be disabled (but this will not reset any Firefox preferences that some extensions may modify).
  • Firefox will be using the default theme.
  • Default toolbar settings and controls will be used.

If you choose any of the troubleshooting options, the changes are only applied if you choose Make Changes and Restart.Safe Mode options in Firefox

When you select any of these options and choose the "Make changes and restart" button, Firefox will restart in normal mode and the selected changes will be made.

  • Disable all add-ons - Disables all themes and extensions; starting in Firefox 3.5, this option also disables all installed plugins. You can use "Tools -> Add-ons" to selectively re-enable them when you restart Firefox.
  • Reset toolbars and controls - Removes any toolbar customizations you may have made via the "Customize Toolbar" dialog. Also restores default window size/position and tree sort order and resolves various localstore corruption issues.
  • Reset bookmarks to Firefox defaults - Replaces your bookmarks with Firefox defaults (your browsing history is left intact). Caution: If you select this option and want to undo the change you will need to restore your bookmarks from backup.
  • Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults: - Resets any user-set preferences to the default values (except for those set in the optional user.js file) and restores the default theme. Does not affect any userChrome.css or userContent.css changes.
  • Restore default search engines - Adds back all of the default search engines (currently Google, Yahoo,,, Creative Commons, eBay, and in Firefox 3, Wikipedia) if some are missing. It does not remove any added search engines.


  • Make Changes and Restart - This restarts Firefox in normal mode and applies the changes in any of the options selected above.
  • Continue in Safe Mode - Starts Firefox in Safe Mode (this will not apply any of the options selected above).
  • Exit
This is copied from the Mozilla support file.

I hope this is OK for you. If too much, just let me know and we'll take another route.

It is also OK to continue tomorrow if you like.

Mike and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well, I got Safe Mode to work, disabled all add-ons, and things seem hunky-dory.

You can count me a happy customer and new best friend.



So the next step, if you need any of them, is to enable them one at a time until it fails again.

Then we know what happened and can either replace with a new one or just leave it off.

Thanks for the Accept. Very much appreciate that.