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I am trying to install Adobe CS3 on computer but it wont allow

Customer Question

I am trying to install Adobe CS3 on computer but it wont allow because there is an old version of Adobe CS3 on computer. I am trying to delete all the files associated with the old installation but they don't want to be trashed so I am trying to find where to go in order to get rid of the CS3 junk that is on my computer so I can install new and full version. Question is, what is best way to delete this old installation which doesn't even work properly.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Ashik replied 8 years ago.
Hi I am Ashik. I think i can help you
Here is the files that you want to remove to install fresh Adobe CS3 (from Adobe)

  1. Remove files you wish to save from the following folders in the Applications folder, and then delete the folders:
    • Adobe Bridge CS3
    • Adobe Device Central CS3
    • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
    • Adobe Extension Manager
    • Adobe Flash CS3
    • Adobe Flash Video Encoder
    • Adobe Help Viewer 1.0
    • Adobe Help Viewer 1.1
    • Adobe Illustrator CS3
    • Adobe InDesign CS3
    • Adobe Photoshop CS3
    • Adobe Stock Photos CS3
  2. Delete the following files or folders:

    When you delete the Adobe folders indicated in the list below with an asterisk (*), you may affect other Adobe applications; for example, you may remove fonts or settings installed by other Adobe applications. If you installed fonts that you wish to save in an Adobe application folder, move them before you delete the folder.

    • /Library/Preferences/Adobe*
    • /Library/PreferencePanes/VersionCueCS3.prefPane
    • /Library/ColorSync*

    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Anchor Service
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Asset Services CS3
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PCD
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS3
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/AdobeDefaultLanguage.txt
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/backup
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CS3 Extensions
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw 4
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/caps*
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/DefaultLanguage
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/EMLaunch.bundle
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS3
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts*
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Help*
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/Installers
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Linguistics
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/PDFL
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/Scripting Dictionaries CS3
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/SING
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS3
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/Templates
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/TypeSpt
    • /Library/Appliaction Support/Adobe/TypeSupport
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Uninstall
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Updater5
    • /Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP

    • /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers
    • /Applications/Utilites/Adobe Installers
    • /Library/Logs/Adobe

    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Device Central CS3
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS3
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PDF
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS3
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CS3
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver 9
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS3
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Video Encoder
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Linguistics
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Online Services
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/QuickTime
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Stock Photos CS3
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Updater5
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP

    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/Acrobat
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe
    • /Users[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Device Central CS3 Prefs
    • /Users[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Prefs
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS3 Settings
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 5.0
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS3 Paths
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS3 Settings
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Save For Web AI 12.0 Prefs
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Adobe Help Viewer.plist
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.bridge2.plist
    • /Users[User]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.ExtensionManager.plist
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.illustrator.plist
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Installers.Setup.plist
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Photoshop.plist
    • /Users/[User]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.versioncueCS3.setup.plist

If you can't remove the files, then try it from a new user account...

  • Click on the Apple menu and choose System Preferences, and click Accounts.
  • If some settings are dimmed, click the lock icon and type your administrator name and password.
  • Click the Add (+) button, located below the list of accounts, to create a new account.
  • Select a type of account from the New Account pop-up menu.
  • Now you can see some types of accounts in there; Administrator,Standard,Managed with Parental Controls, Sharing Only etc
  • Choose Administrator from it.
  • Enter a name for the account
  • Type the user’s password XXXXX the Password XXXXX Verify fields.
  • Click Create Account.
  • Now restart your Mac and log-in with that account.
  • The try to delete the files...

If you are removing the files from new account, then the [user] folder will be your old account. After removing the files restart your Mac and log-in with the old account.
Now try to install Adobe CS3

Only Click ACCEPT after it worked

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yeh but problem is removing files, its not removing them when I trash them, i have to do an uninstall of some sort, I already did the uninstall from Utilities but it still wont allow me to install the new CS3 software, im going to take it to a store tomorrow and need deposit back please, don't think anyone can help at this point.
Expert:  Ashik replied 8 years ago.
did you tried to remove it under new user account ?