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I have to submit photos for a contest. They must be 400 x 40

Resolved Question:

Please cancel this request. I have received and answer from the competition people.

I have to submit photos of my oil paintings for a contest. They must be 400 x 400 pixel resolution and less than 500 KB in size.
I take pictures with a Canon PowerShot A1000IS. How do I set my Camera to give them what they want?
I am not a camera expert but the smallest # XXXXX can find on my camera says O.3M 640x480 but that is not 400 x 400. I set it to the superfine resolution thinking that it would be what they would want to see my artwork... which setting would be 400 x 400?
I think I am beginning to figure this out... but still need to get the pixels lower... I got one photo to 640 x 480 pixels and the size to 195 KB... am i getting close?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  MacDoc replied 8 years ago.
     I'm going to suggest you try a different approach and if it works for you let me know. Instead of trying to figure out what camera setting to use, I would just take your picture(s) and then import them to iPhoto (which I hope you have). Once you have all the pictures downloaded into iPhoto, just select each one and from the File menu choose export. Then select custom and you will be given the option to decide what pixels you want to export your picture (i.e 400x400). Of course, this might crop your pictures because 400x400 is square. When you export the photos you'll need to send them to a folder and once there you will have your pictures in the right format and hopefully under the 500 KB amount.

Good Luck
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
After I hit export I did not find a custom choice under the File menu tab. When I clicked the web page tab there also was not custom tab but they gave me some size choices with a lot of other things.
The other tabs were Picasa and Facebook
Expert:  MacDoc replied 8 years ago.
What version of iPhoto are you using?
You should be able to select "export" under the file menu, and then you will get a dialogue box, and in the "File Export" section you'll see an option for "Size" and that is where you will see "custom". In custom, you can reassign the size of your photo that is selected to 400x400.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I think you did it!!! Just one question... I had to click either JPG, TIFF, or PNG to get to the custom info.
Which one would be best for me to use...
Thank you so much. Hope I win a prize.... did not have to chose a square... Just gave 400 for the longest side of the image.
Expert:  MacDoc replied 8 years ago.
That's great. I recommend you use JPEG because that is generally accepted in most situations as the "Standard".
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