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A year ago, the dealer transferred everything on my old iMac

Customer Question

A year ago, the dealer transferred everything on my old iMac OS-9
into a used iMac G-3, Tiger OS 10.4.11.

Now the dealer transferred everything from the iMac G-3, Tiger OS 10.4.11,
into my newest used stand-alone Mac PowerPC G-5, Tiger OS 10.4.11.

I also transfered everything from another Mac-Mini PowerPC G-4, Tiger OS 10.4.11 into the same new Mac PowerPC G-5, Tiger OS-10.4.11.

(1) Every time I open an old file, Mac 9 must load.
(2) I can’t print OS-9 Word 98 or Word 2001 documents on a Canon iP1500.
      I can only print AppleWorks documents

(3) Can I avoid opening Mac 9 everytime I want to read an OS-9 document?
(4) Is there any way to print OS-9, Word 98 and Word 2001 documents?
(5) Can I write everything in Word, not in AppleWorks?
(6) Can I easily convert my AppleWords docs into Word?
(7) Should I use Word 98 or Word 2001, or buy a updated Word?
(8) Will the updated Word convert all Word 98 and Word 2001 documents?
(9) How do I solve upgrade problems?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomerand thanks for using

What version of Appleworks are you using?

Start Appleworks and click on appleworks in the top left and choose About

This will tell you the version number

thanks for this info.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Appleworks 6.2.7

But I prefer to use Word, which I am familiar with and always used on all my Mac computers for the last 20 years.
95% of my files are in some version of Word.

I wish colleges in Taiwan, where I teach, used Mac. My students who create animation use Mac, but they have trouble getting help or repairs in Taiwan. The only Macs there are iPods.

Thank you for your help! I just got your message when I woke up this morning (in Anaheim, where I am for summer vacation, not Taiwan).

Ron [email protected]