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Please provide me the how to - copy a dvd from my collection

Customer Question

Please provide me the how to - copy a dvd from my collection onto mac book and then be able to sync movie to my IPhone - step by step because apple is all new to me
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Ashik replied 8 years ago.
Hi I am Ashik. I think i can help you
What version of Mac OS X are you using ? (Click on the Apple icon and select "About This Mac")

What do you meant by "from my collection". Is that are DVD disks that is playable on DVD Player ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
version 10.5.7
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
a DVD that is mine and I can play on my mack book     version 10.5.7
Expert:  Ashik replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the fast response...

Will that DVD disks is playable on DVD Player ?

If you are not sure then, insert the DVD into your Mac, then right click (control + click) on the cd icon on the desktop and choose "Open".

Can you see two folders names " Audio TS" and "Video TS" ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i don't know what u mean when i insert the disc the movie starts, when is the cd icon i said dvd
Expert:  Ashik replied 8 years ago.
All i want to know whether it is a DVD-video disk or DVD data disk. If it played automatically, then it should the DVD-video disk.

So, Lets Start !

You can convert DVD videos with a software named Handbrake(free). First download it...
Download Handbrake

Mount and Install the *.dmg file that you downloaded i.e the Handbrake application. Then insert the DVD video disk into your Mac's drive and open HandBrake. It will bring the source window. Select the DVD drive icon and click Open
Now, you can see a message box with 3 options, from it click on the "Attempt Scan Anyway", then the video file will be add into Handbreak

Further settings are shown in the image below !
Then Audio Settings, see picture below !

--Now, picture settings --

In Picture settings window--
After the conversion completed, you can see your video in the desktop (or in the destination provided)

Transferring files
Connect your iPhone and start iTunes. Find the file you made above i.e from desktop and drag it onto your iPhone or import it into iPhone.

Thank you for your patience ! (Detailed Instructions with Video)


The above tutorial is free and may be or may not work better...There are many professional softwares thay you can use to rip DVD and you can transfer them into iPhone very easily with advanced options.Following are some of the softwares....

(Please use the trial version before buying the full version)

Best Regards,
...If i solved your problem, please kindly click ACCEPT. If i didn't, reply back before Accepting. Bonus and Positive Feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks