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Someone gave me an old Imac G3 for a friend in a wheel chair

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Someone gave me an old Imac G3 for a friend in a wheel chair on disabality and no money.
The guy that gave it to me said it workd.. and all Gina needs is to get on the internet to connect her to the world a little right now she calls me and sometimes I print up long results and mail it to her as I live an hour away.
I assumed there would be a generic text editor also. Not much more needed.
I don't know Apple so maybe it's me but when I turned it on all I saw was a blue screen.
Not only no ICONs to look at the file system(which I would have beleived would be empty) no place to see anything about the computer or anything. Is there a procedure I need to do( a key sequence or anything) to bring something more up.
If not what internet software would work on the old guy. I'm pretty sure the
newer software is too large for this machine and is there a basic text editor I could load on
cheap as possible.
Hello Debbie, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I think I can help.
Would you look inside the small door on the right side of the machine and find the small sticker that has the serial number on it. This will allow me to find out exactly what machine we are dealing with and its capabilities.
Did that someone give you any disks with it?
I know that as soon as we get it running it will connect up easy. I have one of these machines sitting on my desk right now.
Can you describe the sounds it makes when you first start it up?
Also what color is the iMac?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's blue and clear
it makes a whine and boink

then a tataaaaaa on the musical side and the screen turns from
grey to blue.

As far as the door.. I don't see one there is an opening on the right
side where the mouse and other perriferals(spelling?) can be plugged in but that open with no door, but that's not a small door so
I don't see one. While waiting I will look around to see if I can find some sort of number.
That is the door I am talking about or it used to be a door. Most times the door itself is gone. Sorry about that mine still has the door.
The sticker is inside that opening on the left as you look at it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I found a sticker on the bottom of the machine with the SN
YM110A4FKLX the 0 is a zero.
A few more questions please. Does it have a slot on the front or what looks to be tray door?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it has a slot also probably not important
but the mouse works, it has a hollow arrow poiter which I can move around so I'm assuming some there
is operating system in there.
I am having a little trouble identifying the exact configuration however I think it is a 400 MGz and it will support OS 10.4 Tiger. You will need install disks to get it running. I don't know if you attend a church but if so I would ask around there and see if you can find someone that has or knows someone who may have disks.
From what you have told me the machine is OK it just needs some TLC.
I can help you with that once you have the disks. Try to get them on CD not DVD. You can run anything from 8.6 to 10.4 Mac OS.
Let me know if you find disks.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So it does need an operating system..ok
Thanks now I know what to look for.
Also will it be peticular about the internet software.
Any recommendations and looking around my self I read that
Apple does not need antivirus on the internet.. scary for me
is this true?
This is 99.9% true. There are a few viruses out there. I use Mac and have since 1989 and have never used an antivirus and have never had a virus.
For the machine you have I would try for Panther 10.3 or Tiger 10.4. I know that 10.3 will run and 10.4 has a good chance. Newer is of course better.
The OS comes with everything necessary to get on the internet and for email. You will not need any third party software to do what you are trying to do.
It all come bundled in the OS.
Let me know when you get the disks and I will help you trough it.
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