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I just replaced both black cartridges in my Canon i860, the

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I just replaced both black cartridges in my Canon i860, the printer works mechanically (feeds paper, sounds like it is printing) but the pages that come out are blank. I have cleaned the heads and did get some color printouts when I did something under the utilities, but no printout of what I am writing.
Can I assume it printed just fine prior to replacing the cartridges? I know this sounds stupid but are the cartridges in correctly? I think they can go in only one way but I use HP and have never tried Cannon.
I did find the manual and will include the link in case you don't have yours.
If this is not helpful we can try some other things,
One thing to try if you haven't yet is try printing from another application.
Just trying to narrow it down.
The link:
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I tried printing from text edit w/o success. I also tried printing your justanswer reply and it printed the border around your reply but not the text. I think that tells us something useful but I don know how to use it.
OK. Next we will repair the permissions.
Open Applications/Utilities and double click on Disk Utility.
On the left select your Hard Drive, then in the lower left there is a button that says 'Start Permission Repair'
It will take awhile to finish and you can do other things while waiting. It may show a long list or not much at all. Just let it go even though it seems like it is hung.
If this has not the effect we want then we will do the next. Copy and paste this URL into Safari and follow the directions.
try resetting you print services.
If this doesn't work then we will threaten it with a Windows machine.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Believe it or not a storm went through Boulder, CO as I was following instructions on the printer fix at Apple. I just got the Comcast modem up and running again and will return to the webpage you included in your last email. So far no success, or more precisely very limited success, i.e border but no text. I will check out the last possibility before threatening Microsoft.
Nice to have you back. What I sent is not guaranteed to work. It is just another step that may work.
Did you get the permissions repaired?
I lived in Boulder for a time in the 70s
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I followed the instructions and wound up with what looked like java script on the Terminal. I followed the instructions but still no success. The printer prints but not the text. I now have it in a USB on the computer back itself and took out all the other USP stuff. I am going to try turning off the computer, actually disconnect it from the power strip to see if that does anything useful. I recently added a wireless router could that be a part of the problem?
I should have asked this sooner. How do you normally connect to the printer. As in wireless or direct? If you just added a wireless router and you connecting wirelessly to the printer then yes I would say that would have an effect.
However it depends on when you added the router. Did the printer work after the addition of the router and before the cartridges? Or were the two at the same time?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The printer is connected to the iMac by USB and is plugged into a power strip. I don't even know if it has wireless capacity, but in any event it worked for several days after the wireless connected me to download Netflix. I don't really want to take too much, if any, more of your time and attention and I'd be happy to hit accept if you have a life apart from my printer problem. Just lemme know, My family came to Boulder in 1958, I taught anthropology here for just about 40years.
I am here to help solve your printer problem, that said I do have a life that does place demands o me also.
The easy thing would be for me to say yes hit accept but that would not sit well on my conscience, I can not take your money in return for nothing. I like to think I am a man of integrity. I am one to see things through even though it takes time.
Let me think and research this and you keep checking back. We will figure this out.
I am logging out for tonight and will be back tomorrow.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Okay, I too am off to jammy time.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I got it printing again, reinstalled the software, cleaned the heads again, and voila she's working well again. Thanks for all your help. I did accept your help before the last exchange. Would you let me know if it registered for you to get paid?

Thanks again.

I do not see an acknowledgment of payment but sometimes it is slow.
Thank you Jack
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