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i connected to an ftp site to download huge photo files 2/3rds

Customer Question

i connected to an ftp site to download huge photo files
2/3rds of the way through the download we had a power glitch
the download got stuck

there is now a window on my desktop that says there are 7 items to copy and it'll take 6 mins more

it has been there for three days
i have tried going back to the ftp site and closing
i turned of my computer
i tried to dump in the trash
i tried to disconnect every way i can
and it still remains
and often i get a message that says the command cant be completed while downloads are in progress

how can i stop this and disconnect

i need the photos and can reconnect to the ftp
but it wont let me do another download while this is in progress
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  JustKing replied 8 years ago.

HiCustomer Thank you for asking.

There is probably some program like a download manager that thinks it still has work left.

If you know the name of it then you can look at the task manager and end it.

Press CTRL-ALT-DEL at the same time and choose Task manager. Select that progam and click end task.


Then use a different way to connect to FTP to get the files. Or uninstall that program and reinstall it and try again.


I use the command line FTP. let me know if you need help with that.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
there is no download manager other than the one connected to Safari

my computer thinks it is still connected to the ftp site, but its not

i dont know what you are talking about with the "command line FTP."
Expert:  JustKing replied 8 years ago.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize you are using a MAC. I'll opt-out of this question and transfer it to the MAC category so another expert will be able to help you.



Expert:  Michael replied 8 years ago.
I'm not entirely sure that I get what's going on. Could use more info:
  1. What program are you using for FTP?
  2. Are you certain that the application is still running after reboot? (I once played a trick on a friend by taking a screenshot of his desktop and making it his background)
  3. Have you attempted to force quit (using ctrl-click) the application from the dock?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
#1. i have a client that wanted to give me photos
he loaded them to an ftp site and then provided me with a web address for his site
Username: ltsignage
Password: TtuWgE

i went there via Safari and discovered two files on the ftp site: maps, signage pics
i copied maps to my computer with no problem
i started to copy signage pics and it froze 3/4ths of the way through

i still have a window on my desktop telling me its copying 7 items to my desktop and it'll take 6 mins

that has been going on for days

when i realized it was frozen i tried to stop the download and/or disconnect
it wont let me

everything I tried tells me: the item "signage pics" is in use and cannot be opened, or trashed, or disconnected, or anything else I try

there is a device on my hard drive right now but it cannot be removed "until the download is complete"

i also get a message that says "the operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found (error code - 43)"

#2 i have looked everywhere for this application and cannot find it except its icon on my hard drive
i would be happy to send you a screen shot

#3 when i go to force quit there is no application listed to force to quit

if I go directly to the finder window and see the application/file which looks like an external hard drive and open it i see the two files mentioned above, but no way to close it. if i try to drag it to the trash it wont let me or i get the message that says i am mid download and have to wait until it is finished

all i want to do is stop this download, disconnect and start over -- get rid of the window on my desk top that shows the down load

oh, i even tried reconnecting with the original instructions but it says i'm missing something

Expert:  Michael replied 8 years ago.
Open a terminal and try this command (you can use spotlight to find and launch the terminal). This is what it does is create a construct that will kill any PID (Process ID) it finds that matches the criteria entered (safari in the name). Additionally, it removes some of its own garbage from the PID list (that's the grep statements)

for PID in $(ps aux | grep -i safari | sed /"grep"/d | awk '{print $2}');do kill -9 $PID;done

Assuming it's Safari that is locked up, this will definitely kill the process.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i have no idea what you're talking about

i am fluent in Quark and Photoshop
everything else I'm a novice

walk me through it

what's a terminal?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
also Michael, i have just successfully downloaded software updates with no problems

could the safari issue be one string?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Michael

problem solved

i couldn't restart my computer after the software updates so I force quit the finder

after many gears grinding and clicking, windows flashing on and off, the computer restarted itself a few times, successfully installed the software updates, and the perpetual window copying the pics was gone

the file was on my desktop and the photos were all there

i never turned off the finder before
was told it could never be done
and low and behold "they" were wrong

and as a benefit to all this, my computer is now back to operating faster than ever (probably the upgrades and/or uhfreezing the frozen whatever it was)

thanks anyway

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i solved my own problem

thanks anyway