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I have 3 Lacie Drives...I use a macbook pro and just recently

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I have 3 Lacie Drives...I use a macbook pro and just recently all of my lacie drives won't boot up on to my desktop. They crunch and act like they are trying but I can't get them to show up. I have tried them on other macs in the office and I have the same response. Nothing...I have tried the firewire 400 and 800 and haven't had any success. Is there a driver issue or conflict with something else??? Weird that it just started happening all of a sudden. I would think it was my computer but because they won't show up on any mac I assume it's the drives. I know drives go bad, but all three at the same time?? Doesn't make sense.
I don't believe that it's the drives for the same reason you don't. I think it's an issue with your Firewire/USB ports.
Here is what I would do. Remove ALL devices plugged into your Mac except the keyboard and mouse. Make sure you have all the updates from the Apple menu, APPLE UPDATES...
Reboot the computer and add in just one drive and check it with Disk Utility in your Applications/Utilities Folder. Add the next drive and do the same then add the last drive and do the same.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I checked the first one with disk utility and after it completed I plugged it in and it showed up on the desktop for about 20 seconds and then the window popped up saying to eject the drive before removing it. I didn't remove it. It ejected itself. And then I unplugged and replugged and it didn't show up at all the second time.

What now??
You may have hardware problems. The only help I can be is to make sure you have all the updates. That is software. If you have a software reason for the problems it is because of system files problems. If you know your system files are ok and you have the updates, the next thing to test is the logic board itself and you need to take it to a Apple Tech to do that.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you bob
Thank you!

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