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The internet connection has to be re-esablished (via airport)

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The internet connection has to be re-esablished (via airport) at least two times a day, since I added a 24" iMac to my wireless internet in my home. I have a MacBook Pro, which my son mainly uses now, and I forgot to earlier mention that I also have an iPod touch, that can also connect to the internet, in my home. I no longer use it, when a computer is on, because I am certain to loose connection. I suspect that I have too much competition for my router to handle.
If you could tell me what router you are using (Apple, Linksys, etc) that would help.
Also what OSs are you running? 10.5.x or 10.4.x.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, My router is a D-Link 802.11g/2.4Ghz.

MacBook Pro is running on 10.4.11
iMac is running on 10.5.7
One more question, maybe two.
Are you connected via a Cable Modem, DSL or other ISP? I am not sure what is dropping the connection, the router or the modem. If it is the router I would see if D-Link has a firmware update, this is an easy fix if it works.
If the connection is stable from the computers and iPod to the router then I would suspect the modem.
If that is not stable then it may be time for a new router.
I have 5 computers, two iPod Touches, one PS3 and an XBox 360 using one router with 3 access points.
My main router is an Apple Airport Extreme with a Belkin wireless router as an extended wireless and wired access point with a Belkin switch to the XBox.
I have had to reset the Cable Modem much more often that any of the others.
I am not telling you to scrap what you have but do check that all are up to date with firmware and software.
Hope this helps.
Daniel and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
One more question. Are all devices using wireless?
<br />Also how new is the iMac?
I notice that the router is listed as 'g', does it have 'b' or 'n' capabilities?
Daniel and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
It may be that the iMac, by sending all those requests, it overwhelming the router. Try running an ethernet cable from the iMac to the D=Link to eliminate the wireless aspect.
Sometimes finding the cause can be lots of trying and failing.
Just do it one thing at a time so that each part can be eliminated. It helps narrow it down.

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