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I purchased a Mac 17 LCD Monitor- M7649 on ebay and from J&

Customer Question

I purchased a Mac 17" LCD Monitor- M7649 on ebay and from J&R Music/Computer World I purchased an Apple DVI to ADC Adapter. Then, using a DVI to VAG adapter I connected the monitor to my Blue&White G3 computer through its video card's existing VAG socket.

While the monitor won't display a picture, there's some evidence it was damaged in shipment. I'm looking for an educated guess whether my connections are the problem, instead of assuming its a damaged monitor. I could send you a pdf file of the connection diagram for the DVI to ADC Adapter.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.

Unfortunately an ADC monitor has only a digital signal.

The ADC to DVI adapter separates power, video and usb but it does not change the signal.

A DVI to VGA connector requires the device (the apple monitor) to send an analog signal as well as digital. It doesn't.

You would have to convert the signal from digital to analog since your video card only supports analog.

They do not make too many solutions anymore but something like this would work.
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Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.
Another option would be to buy a new video card since you already have the DVI-ADC adapter.

Something like this would work depending on your OS version of your G3
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm looking at a video card described as ATI Rage 128 Pro 16MB (VGA/DVI) (AGP) Video Card from an online company called It's being sale priced at $49 and described as a replacement video card for the G4. Do you think it will work in the G3?
Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.
The B & W G3 does not have an AGP slot so this card will not work.   You will need a PCI card.

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