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Category: Mac
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I cant get my mac G5 to recognize my lacie d2 1tb external

Customer Question

I cant get my mac G5 to recognize my lacie d2 1tb external hard drive... the icon use to be on my desktop ... it's not there now ... the system just wont recognize the disk .... what can i do to restore everything ??? Oh! i have the disk (d2 storage utilities version 1.4.7 and EMC backup by retrospect)

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John Lester
[email protected]

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.

We are not allowed to call or email you. It would be bypassing justanswer's system.

With the drive plugged in and power turned on, make the room as quiet as you can and put your ear right up against the drive. If you hear a repeated clicking sound, it's bad news for the drive. It's probably toast. Do you hear a repeated clicking?

Either way, we can try to revive it. Open Disk Utility in the Applications/Utilities folder. In the Disk Utility window, click on the name of the drive in the left sidebar list of volumes. Click Repair Disk. After it finishes repair, while the disk is still highlighted, click the File menubar, scroll down and click Mount.

See if the disk shows up now.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't hear a click ...just the normal sounds of the motor and the blue light blinking ... I am now opening the disk utility .. give me a few minuts and i'll get back to you ..
Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.
No repeated clicking is a good sign. I'll be crossing my fingers for you. Let us know if this helps the drive show up.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no Your answer to my problem was not helpful .... However I did talk to some one from LaCie today By PHONE ... and in about 10 to 15 minutes we had t answer .... A bad power supply ...

sorry you didn't help this time .. Texting and typing is just to slow .... Please use the phone ... just a logical suggestion


Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.
We are happy to hear your problem is solved. Did you actually receive the power supply yet? If not, you don't know if that will work until you get it. I know typing seems slow. But, using phones would bypass the system here.