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Hi.. I have just bought a Samsung series 8 Tv.. the only internet

Customer Question

Hi.. I have just bought a Samsung series 8 Tv.. the only internet connection I have at home is via a laptop with a usb wireless modem... I use a Mac powerbook and have an airport wireless hub... I have an ethernet cable connection between the airport and the tv. I am trying to get the internet connection to tv via the laptop wirelessly... can you please provide assistance on how I set this up... thanks Tim
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.

Your Internet connection. Just a USB Wireless Modem?

Did you read this PDF on setting up your Samsung for Media use? I don't see where it connects to the Internet, but it connects to a shared DLNA server. Only a few specific brands/models.

I especially would want to know what the settings and test windows show. If connected properly, it should show good test results and there should be numbers from your Mac in the settings fields.

My tought s are that 1, your Mac cannot run the Samsung software unless in PC mode, and 2, it will not connect to the Mac because network settings my not be sent to the TV, you will have to set them manually.

This will result in the error message you see. Cannot connect because it can't find the media server.

So, to resolve number 2, look at the network the Mac has setup to share and then go to the TV settings and set TCP to Manual setup and add in numbers exactly the same, but use the Mac address as the router and make the TV on last number different. ie; if Mac is setting itself to sharte, use that as the router and make the TV

To resolve number 1, you need a PC running the Samsung software, or one of the media servers mentioned in the PDF. You will not be able to do this on the Mac unless it is running Parallels or VMWare Fusion or running in Boot Camp and in any of them, Windows XP - SP2 or Vista.

Let me know if this helps clear it up.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hmm.. I think I might have confused you... The TV has an ethernet connection which allows it to access weather, stock info etc directly through the tv by pressing the info libe button on the remote... so if I had a normal internet connection via phone wire or cable.. I could just plug an ethernet cable from the router direct into the tv and make use of this feature... The problem I have is that I dont have a hard wired internet connection... only a wireless modem that plugs into the laptop... but I also have an airport base station... so I am trying to set up a home network via my laptop to the airport base station from which I can run an ethernet cable from the base station to the tv... does this make sense...? I dont think it has anything to o with samsung software etc..
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
Got it.

The manual and PDF don't really make the Internet portion clear. Only that you have to have a Media center running.

In your Airport, do you have the Mac Ethernet connected to the Wan port?
Does the Airport, in the Airport Utility show an IP address for your WAN?

If not, you may have to set that manually like I described above.
Then make sure to use DHCP (on router) to give out IP addresses over the LAN ports, where the TV is so it gets one automatically. This means the Mac will have an Address from the USB Wirelss when it connects to the Internet. then it connects via sharing to the Router and the router either gets one an IP from the Mac or you give it one (manually). Then the Router gives out an IP address to the TV.

In Mac Internet sharing, make sure that you are sharing the wireless modem connection and it is going out over Ethernet.