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I have my iphoto library on an external hard drive. today,

Resolved Question:

I have my iphoto library on an external hard drive. today, I plugged it in, to import a new batch of photos. As I was importing the new photos, a box popped up that said 'rebuilding thumbnails'. I thought nothing of it. However, when I went to my events, I saw that ALL of my old events were just... black. The names of the events are still there, the number of photos, but NONE of my images. the only things that are ok are the last three events ive imported (two last week, one today). Also, weirdly, these photos show up and edit-able even when my external drive is NOT plugged in... which they shouldnt be able to. My external drive still says my iphoto library has 7.1 GB of photos, which is about how large the library should be. But even when I try to open Iphoto directly from the external, the images are still black! Where did the pictures go? And how can I possibly find them/get them back?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.

It sounds like iphoto created a new library with the new pictures and it couldn't rebuild the files it couldn't see. Lets point iphoto to the original library.

Hold down the option key and click iphoto. Choose your library

This will make sure you are using the correct library.

Quit Iphoto

Hold down option and apple key and click on iphoto

Choose rebuild photo thumbnails

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