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HP 2500n Laser printer doesnt sync color with file. I changed

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HP 2500n Laser printer doesn't sync color with file. I changed the drum. No help. All color cartridge show over 70%. I printed this page: only red, yellow and black print. Printed configuration: page yellow and black printed. Supply status page: Black at 90%, Cyan at 97%, Magenta 82% and Yelloow at 77% but only back and yellow print. Using iMac computer.
If everything works fine except the Cyan cartridge I'd replace it. Start by removing the Cyan cartridge and shake it. Be careful not to cause a big blue mess. Go outside to shake it so if you have a problem with spilling toner it will not cause a bigger problem in the house.
It that makes no difference you should replace it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have shaked each cartridge and now I get nothing.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Does not print at all.
There are 3 things that can cause blank pages. The most common is the laser shutter pops off on the spring side and blocks the laser from hitting the cartridge. The shutter opens when the cartridge is inserted. The cartridge guide that sits above and behind the cartridge misteriously gets eaten by the printer. Without it, the cartridge rides too high for the toner to transfer.
The high voltage power supply goes totally dead. If the first 2 are ok, then replace the high voltage power supply.
While the laser scanner can cause the problem, you would get an error code. With the 3 causes I gave, you won't.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Bob: I started this morning by printing the excite news page "A Child Dies Every 4 Seconds. Red, Blue, Brown, skin tone, Orange print OK. Dark Blue, lite blue, red, orange and black fonts print OK. Look like origanal. Next I printed a Test page No Blue, all other colors looked ok. Next I printed Printer Status Pages: Three Blank Pages. Next I printed a word Document changing font colors: only red and black printed. I just printed a word document using five colors Red, Blue, lite green and black. Black and red were ok. Blue is pink and lite green shows as faint black dots. Black is ok. Drum is new from HP and cartridges are also fairly new from HP. Yellow was the last color replaced. The Drum was replaced because I suspected it to be the cause.
Thanks George
Hi George,

Sounds like intermittent problems. Your printer can not know what application is sending the data. It can only interpret the data itself. I think you are dealing with hardware problems and you should talk with someone about repair. My guess is that you are dealing with failures in the high voltage power supply. The low voltages are working to manage the motors and paper handling functions, but charging the drum with enough consistent charge to make the toner adhere ti it, does not seem to be working correctly.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Bob: I just printed This page Three times: produced 2 pages each times. First copy of this page didn't include the yellow component. Green was blue and orange was pink. The second page printed colors accurately.
The second printing of this page printed both pages accurately. The Third printing of this page: resulted with the first page no yellow and the second page no blue.
The Paper is hot coming from printer.
If the High voltage power was the problem would it print accurately sometimes?
Thanks George
Naturally I'd have to look at it, but it seem that if a wire were loose, the vibration from the motors would allow a loose connection to make contact and then not make that contact. Your experience with colors working and then not working could be explained by a loose wire.

The latest software driver version for this printer is dated September 2003 so I don't think it's a software issue.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I Thank you for your help.
I have been a mac user since mac's were introduced. I was a switchman for the phone company working on crossbar 5 and later on 5E machines. I have a masters in computer science. If I had a break down of this printer maybe I could figure out what the hell is the problem. There are some HP people on this network but what category could they be reached?
I guess I will have to use this printer just documents.
If you think of something I could do later to get color working please contact [email protected]
Thanks again George

Thank you George.