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Do you have some software that I can download now that will

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Do you have some software that I can download now that will help me type in Spanish, or at least tell me what keys to hit to get the upside-down question mark, exclamation point, and the nyah, e with acute, o with umlaut, etc..?
Hai I am Ashik. I think i can help you
Actually i didn't see a special software for typing Spanish in Mac. But i know some tricks to write the symbols or charaters you want to type.

Hold down the Option key, and while holding it down, type the letter e, then release the keys and type the letter that you want :
  • á = Opt + e, then press a
  • é = Opt + e, then press e
  • í = Opt + e, then press i
  • ó = Opt + e, then press o
  • ú = Opt + e, then press u
For the ñ, hold down the Option key while you type the n; release and type n again.
  • ñ = Opt + n, then press n

To place the diaeresis over the u, hold down the Option key while pressing the u key, release and type u again.

  • ü = Opt + u, then press u

The inverted punctuation marks are achieved as follows:

  • ¡ = Opt + 1
  • ¿ Opt + shift + ?
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