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i have a powerMac G5 OSX 10.4.11. The problem is I do not have

Customer Question

i have a powerMac G5 OSX 10.4.11. The problem is I do not have an output signal from the mic Input (miniplug interface on rear). Tried resetting switch on Mother Board and resetting PRAM on the reboot. It didn't help. Appears to be a hardware problem. Can you help me? Thank you. Michael
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
Hello, and thank for seeking technical assistance for your Mac .I am Sr. Mac Support Specialist, TD at your service.

If possible, would you mind providing me :

• Thank you for also providing a detailed question regarding your Power Mac. To better assist you with your question, would you mind providing me with what the processor speed of your PowerMac G5 is?

Your answers to the questions I have submitted, will allow me to work with more detailed information, in order to effectively answer your question. Thanks!


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It is a dual 2Ghz.


Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your reply.

After checking the Technical specifications on your PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0
the step you tried to reset the SMC button on your logic board as well as perform a PRAM reset. These are textbook troubleshooting steps for issue with ports and connections.

Now there is one little step I would like you to try
•Click the Apple icon (upper left corner of your screen)
select "About this Mac"
• When the small window pops up, click the More Info.. button this will open
the System Profiler.
•Check under Audio to see if the Microphone, as a Connection is listed.
If it is not let me know.

If it is present, minimize the System Profiler window.
Then take your Mic and place it in the port for your headsets
then remove it and insert it back into the Mini Mic port
(If you have another Mic try to connect into the Mic Mini port.)

Now click on the Apple menu icon again and select System Preferences
•Locate and click on the Speech Pane

• Under Speech Recognition check to see if your Microphone is showing as
connected in the Microphone drop down menu
•If the drop down menu is grayed out for Microphone, then stop here and let me
•If your Mic is present, attempt to Calibrate it.


Try these few steps and let me know if there is any change.

I also want you to keep the Microphone you are trying to use, in mind.
I say this, because if you have no other device to test your Microphone other than your Mac G5, or you do not have another Mic to test on your MacG5 to see if the same results occur-
it may not be your Mac G5, it could be your Microphone which could be the issue.

Just something for you to consider.

In the mean time, I will be waiting for your reply after you try these few steps.

Thanks for your patience!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi and thanks again for your expert help.

I do not see a mic listed. Here is what is stated under the AUDIO(built in)
Built In Sound Card:

Texas Instruments TAS3004:
Inputs and Outputs:
Line Level Input:
Controls:     Left, Right
Playthrough:     No
PluginID:     TAS
Controls:     Mute, Left, Right
PluginID:     TAS
Internal Speakers:
Controls:     Mute, Master
PluginID:     TAS
Line Level Output:
Controls:     Mute, Left, Right
PluginID:     TAS
Crystal Semiconductor CS84xx:
Inputs and Outputs:
S/PDIF Digital Input:
Controls:     Mute
Playthrough:     No
PluginID:     Topaz
S/PDIF Digital Output:
Controls:     Mute
PluginID:     Topaz

I am using a logitech quick cam with built in mic and it is connected via USB.
My mini plug mics may be bad, I am checking them out.

The mic on the cam shows a signal in the sys preferences sound window - input

but can not hear any output through the speaker output connection on the rear port.

Let me know what you think.

thanks again!
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
Not a problem I have experienced these nuiances on my Macs from time to time as well, so I can definitely emphatize with you.

I am so glad you just identifed what microphone you have. In looking into this issue, I forgot to ask.
That is a good sign that you are able to see the Mic in System Preferences.
But tell me for your Input and Output settings; especially your Output settings, what do you see?

I have a few screenshots below, which will provide you an idea by example from
my iMac what you should see.

System Preferences>Sound

Input Settings

Output Settings

Also can you provide me the Logitech Quick Cam model#? I need to look a bit more into the specs of that product.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The sys preferences input shows;

line line-in port
digital in..........optical digital-in port
unknown usb audio device (logitech cam).....usb
pci-424..........pci card

sys prefs output shows;

line out....built in audio
digital out.....optical digital out port
pci 424...........pci card

Also my little apple mic with the mini plug does show input on my G4 but I could not hear anything through my head phones on the G4output??! lol

the logic tech cam is thier QUICKCAM Vision pro

thanks again!

Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
Glad to be able to help.

I just found this on Logitech's website for your Quickcam Vision Pro
Macintosh OS X:
USB drivers are already installed in Mac OS X. If you are experiancing problems with OSX's audio drivers, run your system update from the Apple Menu or use the "Disk Repair" utility found on your OSX Install Disk. For more information about how to perform these functions, please visit Apple.Com's Support Website.

I wanted to bring this to your attention, because it does make me wonder about this aspect, that Logictech is not providing very much support in the way of Mac OS X interface with this Quickcam Vision Pro model in regards XXXXX XXXXX audio portion of this product.

What I would also like you to try per Logitech Support's recommendation is to run Disc Utility to repair permissions via your Mac OS X 10.4 Installation disc, because you are set up correctly as far as your webcam goes.


•Insert the Mac OS X Install disc that came with your Mac,
then restart the computer while holding the C key.
• Keep holding the C key until you see the White screen, Grey apple and eventually the Spinning gear.
•When you see the Spinning gear, then release the C key
• Allow your Macto continue the booting to the CD.
• You should see the language screen which will lead you into the Installer environment
• Once in the Installer environment, from the first window and from the Installer Menu bar, select Utilities.

•Now choose Disk Utility from the Utilities menu.
Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the
Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to
access Disk Utility.

• Click the First Aid tab.

• Select the hard drive icon displaying your Macintosh HD
• Click Repair. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk.

• Once completed, quit Disk Utility
• Click on Installer Menu and reboot to your Mac Desktop

So try this process and then check your Quickcam again.
Let me know if this helps. Thanks!


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi TD,

I followed up with the software update and nothing new was available so everything appears current.

I ran the disk utility for repair disc permissions, after completion there were various corrections.

The problem still remains though. At Sys Preferences-SOUND - INPUT there is a strong signal registering on the Input Level Meter, but the signal is not heard at the OUTPUT via the Built In Audio port.

Also the apple mic was tested on my G4 and it registered a good signal on the input level meter but still could not hear the signal on the G4 speaker output.

thanks again TD

Let me know if you can think of anything else to try.

Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
It just gets better each step doesn't it ? (lol)

I have been digging and digging and I have a forum I need you to see.
For one you are not alone on this issue by any standard. There appears
to be an issue with the Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro despite claims of
working with Macs, not doing a good job of working with Macs from 10.4.9 and up.

Apple Discussions (RE: Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro for Mac)

Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro (Technical Specifications)

Considering this webcam has been tauted to be most effective when used with iChat, Skype and most leading instant messaging applications, and considering you are seeing good signal for the Cam's Microphone in System Preferences. . .

I honestly believe that the best way to test the audio is to communicate with a friend or associate mutually using one the instant messaging applications you normally use.

I say this, because in my extensive research on this webcam, it appears the only way you are going to be able to experience the use of this device is through an instant messaging application, because I am not seeing any other way to test the mic audio from what I have been able to research.

If you decide to try this, let me know how it turns out.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX again be watching for your reply!


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi TD,

sorry to take so long to follow up.

here is the status of my original problem. forget about the logitech cam/mic thats another you gotta love it!

i have an older apple mic (G4 vintage) which works on my G4. i can hear the mics audio input on the G4 through the G4 audio output.

works fine.

I plug the same mic into my G5 audio input (miniplug)then open Sys preferences to input.

I do not see any mic listed, only the 'Line In' on the Audio Line-In port.

after clicking on the Line In and speaking into the mic there isn't any signal registering on the input level meter.

This is the problem i have to resolve.

why isnt there a signal on the audio line -in port?

Thanks again TD. hope you can help me troubleshoot it. i am more than happy to pay you as agreed.