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Can an Apple iPod GS4 computer be hooked up to a verizon DSL

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Can an Apple iPod GS4 computer be hooked up to a verizon DSL phone line. . . I thought the manual said that "digital" phone in put would hard the built-in modem.
I can help you with this but I need to know if you are really talking about an iPod.

You might also be talking about Mac iBook G4. Verizon DSL is designed to get computers on the Internet but you don't plug a phone line into the computer you establish a network from the DSL modem.

Please let me know what you are trying to do.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sorry, I mis-spoke. It is a laptop computer G-4.( I started on Macs, but have been on PC several years.) My elderly computer-illiterate sister one-hour drive away has received a gift Apple laptop and I drove over to help set it up. She called Verizon and set up a relationship to go with her phone line which will take effect on Monday. Reading the G-4 manual, I thought I saw a line that said a "digital phone signal would harm the built-in modem." Her impression from the Verizon phone person was that she hooks her book directly into the phone jack on the wall. I just downloaded the manual (I'm back home) . On page 13, it has a "Warning" box "do not connect a digital telephone line to the modem etc." I have to stop her from making that direct computer to phone jack connection. . .The manual seems to suggest that a "DSL modem" goes in between the Mac and the Jack. She has a complete Adelphia modem kit left over from a couple years ago trying to get involved with computers. Is that enough info?Over to you
There is an ETHERNET port on your sister's Mac. It looks like a phone jack but it is wider. She will plug an ethernet cable from her ethernet port to the back of the new DSL modem. Not the phone jack in the wall. That will not work.

You are correct that her new DSL modem will connect to a phone jack but the laptop connects to the DSL modem.

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