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Bob Cook
Bob Cook, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 618
Experience:  I have sold Macintosh Computers since 1984. I started Sun Remarketing in 1983 and sold over 25,000.
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I have a Mac Pro and (rather old) Logitech speakers, Serial

Customer Question

I have a Mac Pro and (rather old) Logitech speakers, Serial No. 1
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Bob Cook replied 8 years ago.
OK But I don't see a question here.
Bob Cook, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 618
Experience: I have sold Macintosh Computers since 1984. I started Sun Remarketing in 1983 and sold over 25,000.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
You say, so FAR as I remember, "What is the question? If THIS answers your question. please accept it." But that did NOT answer my question - not at all! The important part of the question was a) "What should I do?" and, less importantly, "Does it matter that there are only two cables from the Mac Pro to the speakers?" (That's MUCH less important.) "What should I do?" is the important bit.
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.

Not jumping in except to ask the same question...

When I read your original question and follow-up reply, you are not clear as to what the issue is?

Are these speakers not working?

Did they come with a card or adaptor they are supposed to connect to?

What brand/model of speakers are they?

That is what the expert was asking. To help you the best way possible, we need to get as much info from you so we can detail any responses.

Let us know,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The Logitech speakers (Serial No.ALC10103904), as noted in the original question, are not working. (There is no sound from them.) They are powered up. I am not aware that I ever had a "card or adaptor they are supposed to connect to". If I am hoping to use the external speakers I have to set Preferences>Sound to "Line Out. Built-in Line Output". If I want the internal speaker I have to change the setting to "Internal Speakers. Built-in output", That works fine, but, of course, it's a poor quality of sound - NOT that I'm looking for any HIGH quality of sound. All I want is that the system should work! The problem is with the Logitech speakers - (Serial No.ALC10103904 is written on the bottom of the bass speaker).

Kind regards,      Charles
Expert:  Bob Cook replied 8 years ago.
OK You told me about non working Logitech Speakers. You gave me a serial number but not a model number. You indicated that they are very old. It sounds like you did the correct things with the SOUND PREFERENCE. All that is good. I am guessing that the only connection from the speakers to the computer is a audio jack. The speakers should also have power. Is it possible that they are not plugged into power?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I began to reply to your last message at about Midnight and kept at it until about 2 a.m. - but I didn't keep any copy. Then I clicked on something and got a new BLANK space to fill in. I cursed and swore and decided to leave the reply until this evening because, probably, you won't see it anyway until the afternoon, by BRITISH time, since we're five hours ahead of your Eastern Time.     Now, in answer to your questions:

The Model of the Logitech speakers is SoundMan SR-30. as I mentioned before, they ARE "powered up" – I can see a green light on the front and rear volume controls, which Logitech calls a 'remote' control - (It’s on the end of a six-foot cable so I suppose that counts as being moderately ‘remote’!).

Two things I have just discovered: A) I had assumed that there were two cables from the computer to the speakers, One had a representation of a speaker above it and the other had a small circle with black arrowheads pointing into it from left and right so I am assuming that this must be the audio-IN socket so B) I must apologise for having tried hard to mislead you.

And now the good news. Having disconnected the ‘allegedly input’ cable, the speakers DO work, presumably as intended. (I say “presumably” because I just might be wrong – but I have no reason to think that I am wrong.)
Now we have the delicate matter of paying for the advice. I can’t say I was much impressed by Mike’s original reply:   ” …. OK But I don't see a question here…… I hope I helped you. If you feel I did please accept this answer.…"

M’mmmmm.   I COULDN'T accept that as an adequate answer. I must assume that Mike is ‘learning the ropes’ – otherwise I’m sure that he would have deleted the second sentence.

On the other hand, you must have put in some work on my behalf, which ought to be rewarded. I think that I’m going to leave it to you to decide what should be charged.
Incidentally, I managed to delete my reply to your text no fewer than THREE times. I was hopping mad – but fortunately I had kept copies (after the first time) so I was able to copy the text and to paste it in. Could the system be made more predictable?

Kind regards,        Charles

Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.

This is Mike and that WAS NOT my reply. I asked the questions trying to determine what you were after.

The rest was the expert Bob. You should read through this and make sure of who asked what before replying again.