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MacTechTrainer, Sr. Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple Certified Desktop & Portables Technician, A+, Cross-Platform (Mac/PC) Tech - for over 14 Years
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purchased a new 12 mackbook 4 months ago - just downloading

Customer Question

purchased a new 12" mackbook 4 months ago - just downloading "software update" when the computer shut down sounding an alarm in series of three bleeps. Tried to restart but screen remains blank and alarm sounds resume.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
Hello, and thank for seeking technical assistance for your Mac .I am Sr. Mac Support Specialist, TD at your service.

Here are some steps I recommend you try to resolve the issue with

• Have you recently installed any new Memory in your Macbook?
3 beeps at startup usually means memory issue.
If this is the case, what you will need to do is to remove the new memory,
• Reseat the memory back in the Ram slots and startup your Macbook again.

If you hear the 3 beeps again when you startup the Macbook, then something may be wrong with the current memory in the Macbook

If you have not purchased memory recently or installed it, then you may want to take your Macbook in to your local Apple Store and have the memory checked. I only advise this, if you are not comfortable or moreso, knowledgeble enough to open your Macbook to remove, reseat and the RAM,

Let me know if this helps.
If you have need for further assistance, please do not hesitate to reply back to this post.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No I have not added memory and I do not wish to open the new macbook which may invalidate the warranty. If I need to take it back to the Apple store I trust that you will credit the fee which I paid in the hope of being able to use my computer now. Regards Allen
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
Thank for your reply Allen. I missed the 4 months ago part. You are correct it would void the limited warranty so you are correct in that regard.

However before you take your Macbook in to an Apple Store or Apple Service provider,I do have one question:

• Since you have had your Macbook, have you ever run what is known as a EFI Firmware Update for your Macbook?

If you are still seeking more assistance, I am willing to check into this
as much as I can (without affecting your warranty of course), I would just need to
know this bit of information from you.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The advice that I received that was practical was to take my laptop to an apple dealer. Thank you for that advice but having paid $15 "in good faith" I trust that you will credit my a/c with paypal.
Expert:  MacTechTrainer replied 8 years ago.
Hi Allen,

I agree that your request is quite valid.
However, as your MacExperts we do not work with our customer's billing concerns, but I do have the resource to refer you, in order to contact from Customer Support for Just for your request .

Customer Service -(NNN) NNN-NNNN(Available Mon-Fri - 9am - 6pm PST)

Link for more Billing FAQs (for present and future tense)
JA Billing

I hope this helps. Again, if I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for contacting

We hope you come visit us again, if you have more Mac technical questions.

Sincerest Regards,