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Hi, My vmware fusion on my macbook pro has somehow expanded

Resolved Question:

Hi, My vmware fusion on my macbook pro has somehow expanded beyond the 10 or 12 gb of data and applications to take up about 140 gb on the mac harddrive. now, whenever I open the vm, it pauses, and says I have to clear 1.5 gb of disk space to continue. I have deleted everything imaginable on the mac, 1, 2, 3 gb at a time and then the vm will run again for a little while and then do the same thing. During the brief moments when the vm will run, I have removed about 4 gb of data from the PC. I suspect that there are saved snapshots that are causing this, but under snapshots nothing but the current state shows up. On the few occasions when there is another snapshot present, I have tried to delete, but it won't complete the delete, saying I need to delete at least 67 gb from the disc. I am sure this is operator error somehow, but do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks. rob
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.

Please go to the Finder (the Happy Face in the dock) and use the Go menu and choose Home. Find the "Fusion Virtual Machines" folder. It may be right in your home but may also be in Documents. Once you find it, open it up. You should see a folder with the name of your VM. Select it and use the File menu and choose Get Info. What do you see for size?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
131.85 Gb
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.
If you are able to boot your VM, please do the following:

Let's try to shrink your drive image with a utility included with VMWare Tools. Launch VMWare Fusion and make sure any snapshots are deleted. When you make a snapshot, it keeps track of everything that happened from that point so it will take up more room than normal. Start up your virtual machine and log in. Locate the VMWare Tools icon in the tray and choose Open VMWare Tools.


Go to the Shrink tab. Choose the C:\ partition if it isn't already chosen and click Prepare to Shrink. It will take some time to prepare then it will ask if you wish to shrink it. Choose yes and wait a little longer while it shrinks.


If you are unable to boot your VM, do the following:

These steps are a little harder as they deal with using the command line. You will need to launch Terminal for this. Use the Go menu and choose Utilities. Launch Terminal. Copy and paste the following and press enter:

cd /Applications/VMware\

For this next command, you will need to know where the .vmdk file is. It is located in the folder you found earlier. After copying and pasting the command below, don't press enter as there is more to the command.

./diskTool -k 0

After this bit of text, start typing the following, pressing tab where you see <tab>. Each <tab> should autocomplete what is in the folder. If it does not, press <tab> twice and it will list what is in the folder. Start typing the name and press <tab> again and it will autocomplete it.

~/Documents/Virtual\ Machines/<tab>/*.vmdk

Press enter. The line should look something like this (completed).

./diskTool -k 0 ~/Documents/Virtual Machines/Windows XP Professional.vmwarevm/*.vmdk

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The Shrink tab says that this function is disabled and not allowed since this is a clone. if it is a clone and I go in the other way do you think that will work or will we still be toast since it's a clone? I'll hit accept so that you can be paid for what you have done for me so far, but I would love to pay you to keep helpin me. I have to run my daughter to an event but will be back in a couple of hours to continue. Thanks very much.



Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.
Hi there,

Sorry, this question left my list as you accepted my answer. Are you still in need of assistance with this issue? I'd be glad to continue working with you on this.