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Have a Canon iP4300 configured with an Apple IMac with a 2GHz

Resolved Question:

Have a Canon iP4300 configured with an Apple IMac with a 2GHz processor with Mac OSX software. Will only print in black and very small font. All of the printer cartridges have red lights (not blinking). Different colors and font sizes will appear on a document I am trying to print, but not actually print what is on my screen???
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.

There must be a box checked somewhere that is telling the printer to print at a reduced percentage or fit page. When you go to print and the print box comes up click the little blue button with a black triangle in the upper right corner of the print box. Somewhere in there is where the setting would be. Toggling this triangle opens up the print box to allow more specific settings.

Where you see Scale, make sure 100 is typed in that.

Click on the name of the application you are printing from for example right underneath of the Orientation setting is Mail (assuming Mail is the app being printed from). Click that Mail word and a list will pop up. In that list select Paper Handling and make sure there is no check mark in the Scale To Fit box.

Clicking on that same Mail word further down that list is Print Settings. That is where you can select color or black only printing.

There are some applications that still have Page Setup under the File menu. If the app you are printing from has Page Setup under the File menu, select it and make sure Scale is at 100%, the orientation of your page matches how you are printing, and make sure your printer is selected in the Format For section.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

When the print box comes up, there is no little blue button with a black triangle. What comes up from top to bottom is: Print is in a gray bar at the top.


Presets Standard

Copies & Pages


Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.
Ok, looks like you are using Mac OS 10.4 and not the latest 10.5. On the top line where it says printer make sure your printer is selected there.

Leave presets to Standard.

Click Copies and Pages then scroll down to Paper Handling and select that.

Make sure the paper settings match the paper you are printing on. This is where Scale To Fit Paper is.

There should be a Print Settings under that Copies and Pages button also and this is where you can select black or color printing. The only time this isn't there is when the printer is being shared by another host computer. The settings are limited then.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.





Paper Handler


Cover Page


Printer Features

MIcrosoft Word



I don't see anything under any of these related to Print Settings ???

Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.
Paper Handler is where the Scale To Fit option is. I would uncheck it.

Printer Features is where you would select black or color printing.

Check in the Microsoft Word section too. There may be something there making the print small.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Still no luck:


Under Printer features is:


Output Mode

Media Type

Image Type



Different font sizes and colors are coming up when document is previewed. In word I cannot find anything relevant; tried each of the measurement units and still printing very small in black

Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.
Ok, I am going to recommend making a PDF then open the PDF. It should automatically open in Preview. Preview is the best app to print from on your Mac.

So, go to File/Print in Microsoft Word. In the lower left corner there should be a PDF button. Click that then click the Save As PDF option. A box will come up for you to save the PDF where ever you want on your computer. Saving it to the Desktop is usually an easy place to save it to. Then go to your desktop and double click your PDF and print from there. Let me know how that goes. Microsoft apps are terrible to print from. Very confusing and not well laid out.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have tried saving as a pdf and when I print from that, the type size is bigger, but not as large as I select and still no color - each time i check scale to paper size, the next time i try and print it is back to US letter size.


Do you not have the capability to log in to my computer regarding this??

Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.
Good that it's printing bigger. When the print size goes back to US Letter, is that the size you are printing to? If so, that is ok. Let it stay that way.

Can you select Image Type and see if there is a color option in there?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Not printing to the size I select. Under Image Type there is:


Manual Control


Mixed text and graphics


Line art

Expert:  Rob replied 8 years ago.
Those items you listed have to do with the overall quality of printing. I would think for general printing selecting Mixed Text and Graphics would be good.

Have you downloaded the latest drivers from Canon's website? If not, here is where they are:

You have to select your operating system then the downloads will show up.

Can you run a printer utility installed by Canon and select a nozzle check? I can select a nozzle check on my Epson printer and it prints out a test sheet of fine lines of each of the 4 colors used. If they lines have breaks in them or don't show at all, I have to run the clean print head button.

Sometimes you can access this utility in System Preferences/Printing and double clicking on your printer. Then you may see a Utility icon along the top of that window. Click that and see if you can do some sort of nozzle check.

As far as the size of the printing goes. In Preview when your document printed larger but not as large as you'd like, Go back to Microsoft Word and highlight some text and see what size font you are using. To give you a comparison, 72 points is one inch so, 36 point type would be a half inch tall and 18 point type would be 1/4 of an inch tall. Some fonts don't measure that exactly so it depends on which fonts are used also.

I just looked at the Canon site where I pointed you to for the driver. There is a Service and Support tab on that page. Click that, then click Frequent Asked Questions, then click How Do I Print A Self Test/Nozzle Test?.
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