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PeterC, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple Certified Support Professional, former AppleCare product specialist, now self employed
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I have a random progress bar that pops up in my left hand screen

Customer Question

I have a random progress bar that pops up in my left hand screen corner every 10 minutes it acts like it is downloading something or a file transfer...but I didn't send anything! what is going on?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  PeterC replied 8 years ago.

Please elaborate on so we can better understand the situation.

What program are you seeing this in and what does it look like?

Is it your Downloads folder that you would see when downloading a file?

What is the menu it (program name) in the upper left.?

What is you OS level 10.5 10.4 foro example?

Has it done this for a long time or do you mean it just stated today or a few minutes ago?

Please elaborate,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hey I have noticed it before it happens every ten mintues or so...

the bar is appearing on my desk top in the upper left hand is not in the tool bar...

it is only there for 2 seconds and disapears i never have time to read it...

what i have been able to read is Box realty. this is the company I work for... Now i dont have anything I know of labled box realty...

I thought perhaps I accidentially sent something to my office computer that is on a would then start printing when I walk in the door tommorow...

or maybe it is sending something gmail chat? im really not sure what it is...

I can read the would progress and under that box realty but then it beeps and its taunting me!
Expert:  PeterC replied 8 years ago.

While that is not enought information to tell you what it is would you plese shut bown the mac and then re-star it.

Additionally what does it say in the upper left menu bar... in other words what progrem are you working in?

What OS, 10.5 for example?

After the shut down... it is still do it?