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Cory Lee
Cory Lee, Computer Hardware Engineer
Category: Mac
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Experience:  I am an apple user with over 10 years of apple/mac background.
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I have a Canon printer Pixma iP6000D. I recently changed the

Customer Question

I have a Canon printer Pixma iP6000D. I recently changed the black ink cartridge (which I've done countless times before), but now I can't seem to print anything. When I try to print a document, the paper doesn't catch, although I hear gears (?) and other things clicking away. And on the computer screen, a box pops up that says there is no paper loaded.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Cory Lee replied 8 years ago.
  • 1. Make sure the printer is powered on
  • 2. Clear all the paper from the printer
  • 3. Press the paper feed switch on the front cover
  • 4. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel button. Release the Resume/Cancel button after the Power lamp blinks three times
  • 5. When the Power lamp lights in green, repeat step 4 several times
  • place a sheet of paper in the feed after you repeat step 4 several times. allow 30 seconds fot the printer to clean the rollers. press and hold the cancel button again and the paper should feed through.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sorry, I can't accept the answer b/c it didn't work. I followed the directions you provided and the printer even printed a sheet to show the nozzle check pattern but it's still not printing normally (lots of clicks and whirrs, like it's trying to catch the paper, and then nothing). Any other ideas?