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I am currently running OS X v.10.4.11 on a single processor

Customer Question

I am currently running OS X v.10.4.11 on a single processor G4. I also have a hard drive installed running OS 9. All of a sudden, all the Illustrator 6 files that were created in OS 9 convert to different file types as viewed in OS X. For example: Illustrator AI files convert to Text Edit, and Illustrator EPS files convert to Quark EPS files. Quark 6 – (in OS X) will recognize the Quark EPS conversion and import it. I'm thinking corrupted Directory. Any thoughts? Thanks. Brad
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Thomas Z replied 8 years ago.
This is very typical of bad memory; luckily your operating system still is somewhat functional. When you say that the Illustrator AI files converted to Text Edit, do you mean the default application turned into Text Edit? Will AI files still open up in Quark 6 OSX?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I should clarify: there are 2 HDs installed in the G4, one is native running OSX; the second was added, running on OS9 (I prefer some of the apps. able to run in the older system). Everything in OSX seems absolutely normal except for the problem I've explained.

To answer your question: The Illus. 6 files created in OS9 and saved as Illustrator AI docs. immediately converted to Text Edit files after being dragged into the hard drive running OSX, though they appeared normal upon being placed on the other HD. Only after OSX is started do the files appear to be converted. When selected for Get Info, the default app. was Text Edit. Similarly, when the same file was saved as an Illustrator EPS doc. in OS9 and dragged or saved to the HD running OSX, that file was renamed a Quark EPS and the default application specified to open the file was Quark. If I go back to the HD with OS9, launch Illus. 6 and go to open the doc. as it exists on the HD running OSX, it will open normally as an Illust. doc.

To complicate things, I also have Illustrator 9.02 on the drive with OS9. When the same Ilus.6 file is opened in Illus. 9 and saved as an Illus. 9 doc – either AI or EPS – and the files saved to the OSX drive, the problem does not occur. I have tried changing the default app. for both the Illus.6 AI and EPS docs to no avail. Interesting, huh?
Expert:  Thomas Z replied 8 years ago.
Can you right click or ctrl-click on the ai doc in Mac OS X and select Open With and then select Illustrator? Does it open? If so, your file associations just may need to be corrected.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK. If I use Illus. 9, and re-save, everythings fine. But if I choose Illus. 6 to open it with, and then resave, it saves as a Text Edit file. What do you mean by correcting my file associations? All of my Illus. 6 files on the HD with X have been mysteriously converted to Quark EPS files (in the case of Illus. EPS docs) and Text Edit files (in the case of Illus. AI docs). All files created in Illus. 9 were unaffected. Whaddya think?