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I am having two problems with my Mac G5 (10.4.11). The

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I am having two problems with my Mac G5   (10.4.11).

The first has to do with items on the desk top that seem to come and go. I typically have several items on my desk top at any given time. These range from word documents to photos or a pdf documents. All are there so I can easily do my work.

When I turn on my computer, either after having been shut down or awakening it from the sleep mode I see only the items on the dock, but none of the items I mentioned are on the desk top. It is only after I go to my email icon or another web site, e.g. do the items appear. I am then free to begin my work that involves the items discussed above.

I have also noticed that when working (using word for example) the items will disappear and then return shortly and then on somewhat regular occasions the items disappear a while later, but always to return. Sometimes this seems to happen as a result of just entering a key stroke and other times it happens without any prompt.

My second question relates to my keyboard. I am using a Mac wireless keyboard. Lacking a background in typing I tend to look at the keyboard and not the screen. When I do look at the screen I find that the last two or three sentences I have typed do not always appear. This is not limited to just a word document, but also to internet sites as well as the help Apple help section. I am then forced to go back to the work. I have noticed that this issue seems to come up more when typing fast than slow. I have no idea as to whether it is related to the amount of pressure I place on a key.

A couple of questions for you:

Do you have Stuffit installed on your Mac?

Have you done a recent QuickTime update?

Is the keyboard in question an aluminum wireless keyboard? Do you have a USB keyboard to test some things out?

Let me know and I'll get started on helping you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, I have Stuffit on my computer. I seem to have more than one as it turns out. Some are probably not necessary I am guessing.

I have quicktime, maybe more than one here too. I don not recall when I last updated it, but can do so if you want me to do so.

The keyboard is aluminum or so it appears. Only the bottom is white plastic.

I do have another keyboard I can use, But I neglected to mention I tried it, but it didn't seem to help.

I await your instructins or commands.

Your loyal servant,

With thanks.



The first thing I want to do is disable a component of Stuffit and see if it is causing the problems, both of them.

Go to your Apple Menu and chose System Preferences.

See if there is a Stuffit Pref pane in there.

If so, open that and then turn off or Stop the AVR setting.

Close the window and then restart the Mac.

Let me know if this helped with either problem. There is an incompatibility with the latest Quicktime and Stuffit that needs fixing. hopefully it will be soon, but in the meantime, we do this.

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