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Dave Huber
Dave Huber, Mac Support Specialist
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I have an iMacG5 (not intel) and am trying to format a 1terrabyte

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I have an iMacG5 (not intel) and am trying to format a 1terrabyte hard drive to use as a selective backup. When I use disk utility OS10.5, and try to format as a mac os, I get an error message and can only format as a pc. could any other app help me to format for mac? does it matter?

Please give me a minute or two to type out some commands for you to try.

Dave Huber and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Question: Do you currently have the drive mounted as a PC formatted disk?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
apparently, as the pc format is the only formt that disk utllity would allow-
that is the only choice the osx disk utility would allow me to choose
if I chose mac format it gave me an error

but, does it matter if I am using it as a backup only for files?
Well, in rare cases reformatting a drive from the terminal will work when doing it from the disk utility doesn't.

Let's try something:

• Open Disk Utility

• Make sure you are clicking on the very top of the disk's hierarchy. For example, my drive is called Macintosh HD and I can see it in the Disk Utility window, but I want to click ABOVE that where it says 298.1 GB Fujitsu MHZ2....

This name would obviously be different for you since you probably have a different drive.

When you click there, see if you have OS X Extended (Journaled) as a choice.
Please see screenshot at:

If this does NOT work, please hold the CTRL button and click on the name of your hard drive (or right click on the name of your hard drive) insde the disk utility window. From the resulting window, choose "information."

Please send me what it says after "Disk Identifier."
See screenshot here:

I look forward to your response,

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it is letting me choose mac os exended journaled but when I try to erase it says disk error
Disk erase failed with the error:file system formatter failed. and the
dialogu box reverts back to MS-DOS FAT
Okay, how about the disk identifier. Do you have that for me? It is probably disk1 or disk2

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
isk 1
Hitachi easy device media
ejecta yes
masos9 drivers nolocation external
tot cap 931 gbsmart tatus not supported
disk numvber 1
partiction number 0
Great. Try this:

• From the Utilities folder (the same place you go Disk Utility), open "Terminal"

• Copy and paste this text:
diskutil eraseDisk HFS+ 1TB_Drive disk1

Note: "1TB_Drive" can be any name you want to call this disk. For the heck of it, don't use any spaces in the name. You can rename it later if this works just by clicking on the drive in the Finder, pressing return, then typing a new name.

Press return and see if the terminal can reformat your disk where Disk Utility failed.

• From the Utilities folder (the same place you go Disk Utility), open "Terminal"

• Copy and paste this text:
diskutil eraseDisk HFS+ 1TB_Drive
(or any name you want)

• Put a space after the name of the drive

• From the desktop, drag the hard drive into the Terminal window and press return.

This will put the path to the disk in the terminal. If the name of your drive is "Big_Drive," you'll now see:

diskutil eraseDisk HFS+ 1TB_Drive /Volumes/Big_Drive/

If the name of your drive is "Big Drive" (with spaces), you'll see"

diskutil eraseDisk HFS+ 1TB_Drive /Volumes/Big\ Drive/

Again, in this example, "1TB_Drive" can be any name you want, but let's not use spaces just now.

Looking forward to your response.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I used firt option
it said it started erase on disk disk1
creating partiion ma[
formatting disk1s3 as mac os extnded with name 1TB_Drive
THEN GOES 10-100%
finished rase..fiished partitioning

so I assume this means the deed has been done?
It should be done! Do you have 1TB_Drive mounted on the desktop?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes Dave, it appears to e there, and appears to have 1TB as its name

and NOthinG in it, as I expect

so it appears this is sucessful.
AWESOME! I'm glad I could help.

I am going to have to log off for the night, but if you don't mind, I'd really appreciate it if you took a second to give me some feedback (positive if you are happy). I got zinged by a couple of people for reasons I don't agree with, but since I am brand new, my "positive" percentage is lower than I'd like it. I WANT 100% positive, but I guess that's no longer in the cards!

Take care, and good luck.

Dave Huber and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks Dave, you are a gentleman and a scholar, look for a great reviw!