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I designed three sites in iweb, published them. just fine.

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I designed three sites in iweb, published them. just fine. Went into the sites and made some changes, published again. No problem, went back a week later to make more changes and my sites were gone from iweb. Can't believe it.

When you create an iWeb page the original file is kept in your Applications support folder and is called "Domain".

Macintosh HD>Users>(your account Name)>Library>Application Support>iWeb>Domain

You may be able to open the original file from there by double clicking that fie. This should reestablish the link to the iWeb application.

If the file is not there, then you may have done something to change the user account ,like a reload the Operating System, or created a new account?

Have you made any recent changes?

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i did not make any changes, it was all working fine, like it was supposed to. No operating changes no
account changes, Really, it just disappeared after a week. Also there is no domain name with my sites
just Site_cutlikeachampion
I'd like to verify that you looked in the correct location.

The "Sites" folder is the default location for published iweb files.

The "Domain" file is kept in the Library folder and is where the raw iWeb data is kept. It is what is used to make changes using iWeb. The complete path to it is:

Macintosh HD>Users>(your account)>Library>Application Support>iWeb>Domain

Let me know if the Domain file is not in this iWeb folder and we can use a utility to see if we can locate it.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok i agree you are a total genius, when i clicked on domain in iweb folder they were all there. It only said domain and nothing else, so it fooled me. I can't believe how much you have helped me, You just saved me a million hours, I thought i would have to rebuild them. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me.
Not A problem, I'm glad to have helped out.

Have a Great Day!