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Dear tech support, I reinstalled an older operating system

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Dear tech support, I reinstalled an older operating system (Mac OS X 10.4) over an updated (Mac OS X 10.5) operating system. Subsequently, I have lost all of my Firefox bookmarks. Is there a way to retrieve my old Firefox bookmarks? Many thanks for your time.

Since you were using 10.5, did you by any chance have a MobileMe / .Mac account?

If so, maybe they are up there in your iDisk?

Otherwise, the only places they are stored would be in your Doucuments folder or Application Support folder.

When you downgraded, did you do an Archive and Install? or Erase and Install?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I do not have a MobileMe account. The installation of OS X 10.4 was not an erase and install, but I'm not sure it was an "archive and install" either. But, it may have been.

The Application Support folder does not exist in my "Previous Systems" folder on my hard drive. However, the Application Support folder on the new OS X 10.4 has no data for bookmarks in either the Firefox or Mozilla folders.

It appears I'm out in the cold on this one.


OK. The Previous Systems folder indicates that it was an Archive and Install.

The Application Support folder would be in the Library folder.

You can search using the Finder window Search and see if any other bookmarks show up.

Otherwise, yes, I believe you have lost them if not backed up.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I've exhausted all avenues of restoring my bookmarks. Thanks for your suggestions.

No problem.


If you have a cd/dvd burner in your Mac, drag your Douments folder onto a cd occasionally to make a periodic backups. This way you at least keep most of your stuff safe from accidents.

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