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Can I recover iphotos and itunes that were not backed up before

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Can I recover iphotos and itunes that were not backed up before I re - installed MAC OS X 10.5 ?
How long have you been using the machine since you formatted and installed?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
about 6 hours

Okay, all is not lost. You will need to use Data Rescue II:

I've used this in the past it works very well. There are no guarantees however because you may have written over the areas of the disk that had your saved music and photos (most likely not since those documents are located further on the disk than the OS -- you should be okay). You will need to boot off of an external drive or a DVD that has Data Rescue II on it.

Another caveat is that the files will have no named, but their meta data will be retained (ID3 tags, iPhoto tags)

This is your best chance to recover those files. I can't think of any less expensive software that does this. If you want, you can use the demo to see if your files are recoverable and then buy the software to actually recover them. The demo limits you to only a few file recoveries.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will check it out - So Basically it appears that they can be saved correct ? Also I do want to make sure you have been paid - have you . Thanks
Most likely they are recoverable. As you know the hard disk can be represented by this ASCII image:

[1----------------------------------------------100] Sectors
[Mac OS X][Applications][          User Data           ]

When you reinstalled you basically did this:

[1----------------------------------------------100] Sectors
[Mac OS X][Apps][          Recoverable Data          ]

As you can see, since you only wrote over a portion of your disk, the rest (for the most part) will be untouched.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your help - I will not use my mac until tomorrow . I will then focus on the recovery . I love MACS but not their so called support . have a goodnight

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