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Hello I am Alex Pietersen. First I dont have a high speed

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Hello I am Alex Pietersen. First I don't have a high speed line. I am trying to order a book previously I didn't have any trouble. This time I was asked to download iphoto 7.1.4
Don't download the file from Safari, run the software update from the apple menu, and only check one download at a time, and let it update that way.

Your other option is to run software update at the end of your day, and let it download everything through the night.

Once you have these files downloaded you should be in better shape.

Last thought, when it prompts you to download the new version does it give you a "don't ask about this in the future" check box? If so click it, and hit cancel, and then see if it will let you order the book without doing the download. (I don't believe it's a necessary download, just a suggested one, but I'm not 100% sure.)
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Thanks for the early ACCEPT, but if you have any trouble with my suggestions please let me know so that we can find another solution if necessary.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for asking. It was my first question and was not familiar with the proceedings and closed before I had to. The answer that I got was very helpful. Thanks again.
Alex Pietersen

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