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I have a PowerBook G4. For some reason, lately, when I fill

Customer Question

I have a PowerBook G4. For some reason, lately, when I fill in a field requesting email, I get "Not a valid email". I thought maybe it was a FreeMail/spam issue but nothing works. I have put in my gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and [email protected] and nothing works. I don't know if I did something to my security or what but it is frustrating. Any guidance?

Optional Information:
OS: Mac OS X; Browser: Firefox

Already Tried:
I haven't tried anything so far because I don't know what I need to do.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.

This is strange. So it happens only with web forms? And then you get an error that the email is not valid?

Is this with Firefox and Safari?

Let me know,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes, only (so far) with web forms. and it is strange because i have a slew of sites that i have already signed up for and so far, they haven't given me any trouble when i sign in. but like right now, i am trying to start a new Yahoo merchant account and it won't take it. arrrrg. i haven't used Safari in over a year. i am willing to venture over there for the sake of trouble shooting if you wish. and if this feels more problamatic than 9.00 i am certainly willing to pay 15.00.

let me know your thoughts regarding safari etc.

thank you, Kristy
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
Yeah, give Safari a shot. this may be an issue with FireFox and we can deal with that after we determine if it iswith just a browser or your Mac behaving badly.

Let me know, Go sign up and see if Safari works.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will do that but just as an fyi, i just tried to sign up under and it said that the city, state and zip are not congruent. i tried twice, being sure that i put in the correct info.
i will go to Safari now.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I just went into Safari and was successful with scancafe -- no interruptions. so, i will try yahoo and godaddy. i would still like to resolve the issue with firefox however as it is my preferred browser. i asked the guy at scancafe if he has heard of this trouble and he did say that it is rare but he has had customers with the same issue.
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
Yes, I have heard of it as well. I need to look around some more, so give me a little time to eat some dinner and then get some info and I'll be back to finish this for you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi there,
Unless you sent me another answer, it looks like I have been waiting for your follow up -- as of yesterday 6:30pm. Can you please update me?
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
I have not found anything to specifically fix this.

The only thing I can suggest right now is to reset FireFox and see if that helps.

Do this:
Go to the Preferences in the FireFox menu and then choose Privacy. At the bottom choose Clear Now... and click on all the boxes.

This will delete cookies, settings, history and cache files.

Close the window, quit Firefox and restart it. Try again to enter text on a web site.

I'll keep looking, but nothing is coming up that points to a solution.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i am not that excited about deleting all of my settings. i will see if doing the other works. thank you.
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
Well, to fix this you may have to.
The settings, like cookies are replaceable as you visit each site. So it may be a slight inconvienience, it may fix the problem.

Let me know,