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I love all the Myst games. I would like to play any of them

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I love all the Myst games. I would like to play any of them on my Macbook Pro which has OS 10.4.11. How can I do this?

I love the MYST series too! Unfortunately, they are only a few options left:

There's a free program that will let you run Riven on Mac OS X. It's still in development and is buggy, but at least it'll let you play. It requires that you have an original Riven CD.

Here are instructions for installing Myst III on Mac OS X:

Getting Myst V to run is also a trick, but someone has figured out a way to do it:

Here's a great forum for MYST information:

A couple of other options:

1) Buy an old Mac on eBay and run it on that
2) Install Windows on your MacBook Pro (e.g., with Bootcamp ), and run the Windows versions of MYST (they may be on some of the CDs - you'd have to check).

Unfortunately, most of the MYST games are not compatible with Mac OS X and are designed to run on a completely different processor architecture. I hope this helps some!

Let me know if you have any more questions. Kind regards,

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