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Flagbridge-MAC, Consultant
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Paid for 10 years of University with Network Engineering with extensive MAC usage (back to system 7)
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Cannot receive email but can send it. Indication that something

Customer Question

Cannot receive email but can send it. Indication that something is too full even tho I empty Trash each time I use Thunderbird. Computer is an EMAC
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
What sort of error do you get?

When did this start?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The "busy sphere" keeps on rotating for a long time when I open Thunderbird. Ultimately the inbox screen shows me the same stuff in the inbox as has been there for a couple of weeks. When I try to throw away stuff from that inbox, it it shown as going to the "Trash", which I can empty immediately, but it all shows up again the next time I open Thunderbird. I usually keep a couple of things in my inbox which take up a meg or two.
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
Looks like your profile is a problem.

Go to Application/Utilities/Terminal

Then type

/Applications/ -safe-mode

Tell me if it starts ok. If it does then you will need to try to create a new profile.

Sometimes a message gets half downloaded and then locks it up.

Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.

Please do NOT open new questions to respond. We have thousands of active questions and hundreds of active experts, and it is too difficult to keep track.

You said you got lost by going to Applications.

What about the above instructions cause you an error or problem?