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Flagbridge-MAC, Consultant
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Paid for 10 years of University with Network Engineering with extensive MAC usage (back to system 7)
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Im on Mac OS X 10.4 - PPT 2004. Have prepared 117 slides for

Customer Question

I'm on Mac OS X 10.4 - PPT 2004. Have prepared 117 slides for a looped one-day tradeshow. Need to put music looped as background sound under full show (random alignment). Under "insert Menu" -"movies and sound" all sub-menus are grayed out. Client wants to play show from a PC on a 42"plasma screen. Where do we go from here?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
Can you confirm you see the following but it is greyed out

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, the submenu is all grayed out. The selections you show are exactly like mine.

Under "Slide Show">" Slide transition"...i can "choose other sound"as one of my tracks but when it plays, it only plays for the duration of the first slide. I need the sound imbedded under the whole show. When I select "apply to all", I have to change the timings from a variable of 1 to 6 seconds to a fixed # XXXXX seconds
. The music only repeats the first few bars on each slide change.

Somehow I need to tie the 2 tracks together

I have also changed my AIFF files to MP3 in iTunes and have also them modified into .wav files (medium) in a desktop folder. Must get this done today.
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
Can you try to start a new PPT presentation and see if you select the first slide if the greyed out options come back.

Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
I think I have replicated the problem.

You must make sure you have either selected the slide where you want to insert, or you are in View mode NORMAL.

Go up and select NORMAL view mode, and try to insert.

Otherwise you get this (notice the grey out)

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have normalized the ppt show rather than work in the slide sorter view. No improvement.

I tried building a new 4 ppt slide show. Slide one stays on as the music continues. Slides do not advance. I have set slide transition times at 3 seconds with no result. Tried both under "slide show" and "insert".

I have tried this with both my 117 slide show and with the 4 ppt slide show I created to test out the app. We are still a no-go. I need help. My toll free # XXXXX: David at(NNN) NNN-NNNN
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.

We are not allowed to have outside contact with the clients as we are a peer review service.

CAn you confirm did you get the 117 page to actually be able to insert sound (i.e. the options are not greyed out?) through the normal view?

Now your issue is the sound is not BACKGROUND but sticks to one slide?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes! Sound sticks to opening slide. Still cannot run show with variable timings and continuous music.

Of 117 slides - some are 1 sec. some are 3 sec. some are 5 sec. and 1 slide takes 7 seconds to absorb the copy. I need this variable timing to work. Client is calling!
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
Try this.

   1. Choose "Movies and Sounds" from the Insert main menu option.
   2. Depending on your preference, select "Sound From Clip Organizer", or "Sound From File", or "Play CD Audio Track", or "Record Sound".
   3. Locate the Sound file that you wish to play across any number of your slides.
   4. Insert the sound.
   5. If you don't want the sound icon to appear in the presentation, drag it off the slide.
   6. If you are asked Do you want the sound to play automatically? Select "YES".
   7. Right click the sound's icon and select "Custom Animation" from the popup menu. The Custom Animation dialog box will open and your sound file should be listed.
   8. Click the arrow directly to the right of the sound icon to pull down various options.
   9. Select "Effect Options", and on the Effects tab, Select the radio button beside "Stop Playing after XXX slides". Select the number of slides that you would like the music to continue to play through. If you want the sound to continue through the end of the presentation, enter a very large number, for example 999.
10. Select the Timing tab. To play automatically, the timing should be set to Start After Previous with a 0 second delay.
11. Click OK to close the dialog box.
12. Your music track will now continue after you leave the slide on which you placed it and play until it reaches the slide number which you entered to Stop Playing.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Did all you said. Sorry, still only one unchanging slide with music. In slide sort mode, all images now have a 3 sec. change indicator icon. Slide 9 and slide 87 use the typewriter sound icon. Slide 1 has a speaker/sound icon. I have a ppt version saved with all the proper timings on an HD stick.
re - your #7,#8, and #9 instruction above: This is a Mac Mouse- no right click. Found everything under "SlideShow > Custom Animation". Somehow here I have 2 listings for my music file. I cannot seem to delete the extra copy. Don't know how. Maybe this effects things. Still a no-go.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
As stated in my initial request, I would like to play a musical score under my ppt slide show. Despite following the instructions from you, I still can't make the program function. I have my music under the first slide only. This is where I started. I need this info to complete the assignment for my client who is beginning to doubt my technical skills. But then again, so am I - when it comes to this issue. I am not trying to withhold an accept - I just need the program to function. If my software is "broken", what do I do? This seems like it should be very simple. Keep with me. I'm running out of time. Thanks. - DZ
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
I am not sure what your problem is.

I have just created a show from scratch 10 pages, and I have one song play across them.

Choose the slide you want to start the music on   (slide one I guess).

The right mouse button on a MAC is always CTRL and Click.

Regardless once you have inserted the music go to SLIDE SHOW / CUSTOM ANIMATION.

Select the MP3 you are playing and then select EFFECT OPTIONS

IN there you can choose what slide you want the music to START at and when to STOP
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It just doesn't work that way on my 117 slide show. ( I also have made a 10 slide show that works.) - but many different things seem to happen -often a different result from the same actions. The transitions cease to function. the sound only works on slide one. Sometimes the sound track loops every 4 seconds or so with endless repeats and the transitions working. Its never right! I've put in easily 60 hours into this with no result.

I cannot function without a variable timing. When I select auto timing (there is no selection for variable timing under "Custom Animation">Effect Options".) Have to turn in tomorrow morn to client. At best with no sound. Makes me look like ... well you know. I've tried working thru "Slide Transitions" as suggests. This works on a short fixed project - but not here.

I'm not trying to stiff you -just need positive results. Thanks for trying. Any ideas? I'm suggesting an external iPod speaker thing with no synch. Maybe. Quien sabe.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have not received an answer from my last reply at 7:31 pm 4 Dec 2008.
Expert:  Flagbridge-MAC replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry but I am not getting your notices of reply.

You can also run itunes and have it play in the background your two songs as a loop

This is probably too late now. I put a significant amount of effort into resolving this, and only in your last post did you highlight this was project specific not application specific.

You can [email protected] and ask for a refund.

As such I will not be compensated for my efforts.

Good luck