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My browser (Firefox 3.04) gets hijacked by pro_scanner-online .

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My browser (Firefox 3.04) gets hijacked by "pro_scanner-online". I remove cookies constantly. Help! (MacOSX 10.5.5, iMac 1.8 GHz G5)
What happens when you start Firefox?

Have you reset it?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Forefox starts normally, and then at some point (usually during MySpace use) the hijacking takes place.

By "reset" do you mean close and relaunch Firefox? Yes I have.

Also deleted to cookies I mentioned.

I do have "block pop-ups" selected as well.
Ok, no reset means clearing out a lot more than just a few cookies.

Go to your FireFox preferences and choose Privacy tab.

At the bottom click on clear now and check all the boxes in there and then click Clear Private Data now.

Above that click on Exceptions in the Cookies section and add in those cookies you found and make sure to choose BLOCK. This will prevent them from ever being set on your Mac again.

This will wipe out cookies (all), sessions, history (the cause in most cases) and other items.

Now go to the Main tab and make sure your home page is secure and is the one you expect.

Other than this, there is nothing else you can do to stop this except never ever click on a banner ad or message box that tells you that it found infections. They do not scan Macs, Macs are very secure and you rarely need to be concerned about getting infected. They are just trying to get PCs to click on them to try and sell their spyware and infect the PC.

PS... I despise youtube.
Just my opinion.

Let me know how you make out.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will do as you suggest. Thanks for the help.

A final question:
In your response you mention hating YouTube. I had mentioned that I thought the source of my woes came initially from MySpace. Question: Did you mean you despise MySpace? Or were you specifically referring to YouTube. I use both on occasion and can certainly see how MySpace can be a ridiculous safety hole, but is YouTube similarly unsecure?
Ha. You hit me in my stupid spot.


I meant MySpace, but yes, yputube is becoming a place where hijackers can upload a video and inside it is a link that will auto load a website and then redirect you to wherever they want.

MySpace is just a joke any more. I have visited it many times and I am completely amazed at the amount of useless garbage that that site has become.

I avoid them if possible. I use my AppleTV for Youtube so I don't worry about hijacking.

Let me know how you make out,
If this Answer has helped you, please click Accept so I can be
paid for assisting. Positive Feedback is also appreciated!
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