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Dan - Master Tech
Dan - Master Tech, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 1904
Experience:  I have worked with Macs going back to the IIE. Installation, diagnostics, repair of all variations.
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I have a iMac G5 and it stops on a blank gray screen on bootup...wont

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I have a iMac G5 and it stops on a blank gray screen on bootup...won't go any further. I've tried several things, nothing helps. HELP!
GreetingsCustomer are you able to boot from the Restore or OS X disc?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I can't find my discs :(
OK, all is not totally lost. You can still perform something without them. Since I have to leave shortly for a while, I will give you a link to an Apple Support page that you can make use of.
Apple Support - Startup Issues
I will check in when I get back in an hour or so.
I'll be online tonight for at least the next 7 hours if you need me.
If you still need assistance please let me know.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sorry that I've been slow to respond. The Apple article did not resolve my problem. Here's exactly what happens. I turn on the power, hear the startup sound, hear the Cd player make some noise (apparently there's a disc in the drive) and then it immediately goes to a solid gray screen. If I leave the machine on long enough, maybe 10 minutes. a small folder pops up in the middle of the screen flashing a question mark and something else. The the fan gets really honkin loud and stays that way til I turn the power off. None of the preboot commands seem to work. Safe mode, single-user mode, etc.

Another note. I actually helped a friend fix this problem on his macbook a while back. At the time I found some utility I downloaded from the web, burned to a disc and boot up to. I can't seem to find that application and don't remember how to do it.

Is it possible the disc stuck in the drive is causing this? If so, how can I manually eject the disc?
If you need to eject the disk on startup just hold the mouse button (left for two-button) down after pressing the power button. Option to that is to hold the eject button instead.
Let me know if that works at all.
What is the serial number of your iMac? Apple did have a warranty extension program for problems with certain ones. I can check to see if yours was part of the list even though the program may have expired.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dan, It's been a while. My wife and I had a baby last week, today is my first day back in the office since then.

Neither mouse method nor eject button gets the CD out. The serial number is XXXXX model A1058 (another place shows an 'S' starting the serial number).

Ship date was Aug 2005.
From reading the previous posts, It sounds as though your Logic Board is bad, I have seen this a few times in the shop. Unresponsive to boot keystrokes, the fan spinning up, etc. Since your warranty has expired, it looks as though you will need to either purchase the part and install it yourself or take it up to the Apple Store and get a quote on repair.

The part that you need to replace:

Youtube Video showing how to disassemble your iMac G5 17"

I haven't found an official guide from Apple to replace the logic board but you will definitely need precision tools including Torx and Phillips screw-drivers.

The safest bet is to take your mac to the Apple store. When you are there ask them if it is a known problem that they are extending coverage on. Other than that, good luck! Hardware problems are difficult to diagnose over the web, but this is a very obvious diagnosis.

Sorry, and Good Luck!
First of all, my heartfelt congratulations on your baby's birth. I hope everything is well.
In as far as your Mac is concerned, the serial number shows that your computer is not part of the Warranty Extension Program even though your iMac falls withing the manufacturing time frame. Unfortuately, your inability to be able to eject the disc drive limits your options, even if you had your discs to boot from since running your Apple Hardware Test disc may have been an option. Have you been able to get any response from the keyboard input at all? If not, then there is most likely a hardware issue, although I reserve judgement for a failed logic board until last. I have repaired several of the logic boards in these and the solution varies but the most common problem I have seen is defective capacitors. I have seen drives fail (both optical and hard) but not cause the input devices to fail (keyboard and mouse). As the previous posting expert suggested, if you take it upon yourself to replace the logic board, I have service manuals I can upload for you to use for your model.
Dan - Master Tech, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 1904
Experience: I have worked with Macs going back to the IIE. Installation, diagnostics, repair of all variations.
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