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I have tried to install Dragon, Naturally Speaking, on my MacBook.

Resolved Question:

I have tried to install Dragon, Naturally Speaking, on my MacBook. I am doing something wrong. Of course, I was also unable to install Parallels. I need step by step assistance.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Already Tried:
Putting the disc in the machine and trying to install it by clicking on various icons. Not much, really.
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
Dragon is a PC program, so you will have to have parallels or another windows solution working properly before you can install it. Do you need help installing parallels? If so, do you have a windows XP or other windows installation disk to use with parallels?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did install windows XP. It works. I do need help installing Parallels. I tried, then gave up and installed windows. After reading some of the e-mails from others, maybe it did install or i wouldn't be able to use microsoft word? Anyway, Parallels shows up in finder, so maybe it is installed. Easy to see why I need help.
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
How does XP work? Through parallels? Or by rebooting the computer through Boot Camp?

Are you aware that there are some excellent mac native speech diction/voice command programs out there like MacSpeech's Dictate? It would certainly be simpler. DO you want the Dragon to run on the Mac side or only when you are in windows?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Since I don't have to reboot, I suspect that I was successful in installing Parallels. The Dragon software came with the digital recorder I just purchased. I would probably be better off buying something that really is compatible with Mac, but since I word process in microsoft word, I thought maybe the Dragon stuff would interface with it better. I could never figure out how to get into a word processing component on this notebook. Maybe I would supposed to buy something? Macs aren't popular around here, so there aren't a lot of folks who can help you out when you buy one. It leaves novice folks like me stumbling around.
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
Do you have Microsoft Word on the PC side, or on the Mac Side? I bet it will be hard to interface Dragon on the Mac side, but if your word is on the PC side, then you might be in luck.

Now that we know you have parallels installed, have you been able to install dragon yet? Do you have a disk of it, or a download? If you downloaded it, did you do it on the mac side or the PC side?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I think it is on the PC side. How would I know which side it is on? I have three discs, IC Recorder, and 2 Dragon Discs that all came with the digital recorder. I put the digital voice editor disc in, but I don't know what to do once it is in.
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
When you open Word, where do you open it from? Does Parallels run when you are using it?

The way to install the disks properly will be to launch parallels, and then insert the disks. One of the Dragon disks will have an auto installer. When you insert it on the PC side, the disk should pop up and prompt installation. If it doesn't, you might want to try the other disk.

If there is no auto installer, click the start menu, then run, then browse, then locate the file called setup.exe or installer.exe on the disk. It will need to be done on the PC side.
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