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I have deleted the contents of my inbox and need to recover

Customer Question

I have deleted the contents of my inbox and need to recover them. I have an external backup (maxtor) and would like to know how to find out how I can recover deleted emails from the backup?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Already Tried:
I have contacted apple support the emails are removed from the mac & nothing saved on the server either. Just hoped they may be on the backup.

Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
What kind of backup do you have? If you have a clone backup, the mail files are located in the user folder, within the library, within a folder called mail. Each folder is separated (INBOX, SAVED FOLDERS, etc...) go into mail and import the folder in question from the location on the backup drive that I just gave you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't know what kind of backup I have other than I have an external backup which is a grey box with maxtor on the side. I followed your instructions from mail I went to:
import mailboxes I then had to choose from:
microsoft entourage
outlook express
claris emailer
mail for mac OS X
I selected mail for mac OSX/jennie/messages/ - error message file cannot be found
then I tried admin/macintosh HD/library/mail/account types/gave outbox only
I search all the options above.

I think I need to extract the deleted inbox rom the external backup box with maxtor on the side. How do I so this. I've tried lots of different things but back up or restore is not higlighted
Appreciate your help
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
First off, what is your current username, so that we know where to grab the messages from. Is it jennie or admin? You can find out, by going into your hard drive and opening the users folder. The one with the house icon is your current username.

Once we know the username, you can go into the external drive, by clicking on it's icon on your desktop, find the user folder, then inside there find the library, then the mail folder. For simplicity, drag that folder to your desktop.

Then go into mail, and select import mailboxes. Select Mac OSX Mail. Locate the folder on your desktop. Inside it, you will notice files with names like "", etc... find the one that your missing inbox was using (you can usually tell, because the middle part will be the same as your email address). Select that folder and click choose. Unclick any folders that you do not wish to import. Click import. You will then find these imported mail messages in a section on the left side of your mail program called Imported.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm still not having any luck following your instructions.

I clicked on Jennie with house icon.
clicked on the Jennie home folder (in the top part of the backup box it has "choose items for backup" which might be why I have been unable to do anything else.)
I selected mail but unable to drag to desktop.
Inside the mail folder is;
default counts
Envelope index
Message .Rules.plistbackup

Not sure if this is any help. (I've tried your instructions several time)
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
When you say the top part of the backup box, I am unclear as to what you are talking about.

Do you have an icon for the maxtor on your desktop?

What operating system are you on? 10.4 or 10.5? (You can find out by clicking on the aple menu and selecting about this mac)

If you are on 10.5, click on the icon of the clock with the arrow on the top right of your computer. Does it say Time Machine is not configured, or Back Up Now?

If you can help me gather the info on these questions, I can guide you better.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I do not have an icon for Maxtor on the desktop but I do have an orange umbrella which says backup. The operating system is 10.4.11 I don't have the clock symbol top right

Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
You are using apple's backup program to run your backups.

Not my fave, but we can work with it. What folders is it backing up? Or is it backing up everything? You can open the umbrella to find that info. I need to know if it has everything or only particular folders so that I can guide you to the right place.

We are looking for a backup of your home folder, not your home folder itself. Then we will need to use the backup program to restore it. You can't just drag it over.

Once you have done that let me know and I will take you to the next step.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX click on the umbrella inside the box it has:

Home folder next backup due 14th Nov
Mac HD daily 22.00 but has never been backed up to this destination
CD or DVD this plan has never been backed up
untitled this plan does not include any items to back up

hope this is helpful
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
I am concerned that what you just wrote me (coupled with the fact that your Maxtor does not appear on your desktop) may mean that your backup has not been set up properly, and is not working.

Let's try this from a different angel.

How did you delete your inbox? From the mail program, or from the finder?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I deleted it by selecting all then delete from the mailbox. I had been in the Trash box & had intended to delete the deleted emails that go into the Trash box. Unfortunately when I saw all the emails go I realised that it was the whole of the inbox that had been deleted. I then hit rebuild thinking it might bring them back. I don't understand why they didn't go into the Trash box from where I could have recovered them.