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Experience:  18 Years as a pre-press manager and running my own graphic design business - always THE tech guy.
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I am a graphic designer working on a Mac OS X operating system.

Customer Question

I am a graphic designer working on a Mac OS X operating system. I have a question about my Illustrator CS2 program. I have been working in Illustrator for many years. Just today I encountered a problem I have never had before. I typed a word in the type box, selected the word, and tried to convert it to outline by going to "Type" and then to "Create Outline" but it wouldn't allow me to select "Create Outline". I tried other fonts and had the same problem. I went into my Freehand MX program using the same font and I was able to convert it to path in that program. Why am I all of the sudden not able to change the fonts to outline? Is there some setting in Illustrator that I may have inadvertently changed?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OS: Mac OS X; Browser: Firefox

Already Tried:
Look up create outlines on Illustrator program support. I'm thinking it's something in the settings of the program somewhere but I can't seem to find anything that applies to type or creating outlines.
Expert:  Justin replied 8 years ago.
You cannot select the type with the text highlighter - you mush select the text object (box or path) using the Select or Direct Select Tool (Black or White Pointer).

Once selected, you should be able to choose Create Outline from the menu.

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