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I had a folder with a blinking question mark come up on my

Customer Question

I had a folder with a blinking question mark come up on my laptop. The manual said to reinstall the system software. I have gotten as far as the "select a destination volume", but there is nothing to select. The manual says to click options, but options is not highlighted. What do I do?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
Sounds like your hard drive has mechanically failed.

What model laptop do you have? Is it still under warranty? Do you have any disk utility programs such as Disk Warrior or Drive Genius?

And most importantly, did you have a backup?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's a MacBook. It is not still under warranty. I do not have a disk utility program and no backup.
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
The good news about the macbooks is that replacing a hard drive is easy... but first, start up the computer with your disk utility in the drive, and then hold down the C button as it starts up, and see if the hard drive is even visible.

If not, you will need to replace the drive. You can get very affordable drives either from Best Buy, Frys or online somewhere like or

They are very cheap and have huge capacities these days.

To install it, you will need a small phillips head screwdriver:
1) Power down macbook, unplug it, and remove battery
2) Inside the battery compartment you will find three small phillips head screws. They are captive screws, so they will not come all the way out.
3) When you have loosened all three, the metal bracket that they are screwed into will come out. Behind it, on one side, you will find the hard drive, just tug on it's label and it will pop out. You will need to transfer the new drive onto the old hard drive's caddy.
4) When you restart, do so with your operating disks in. After selecting language, click on the utilities menu, and select disk utility. From disk utility you will erase and format your new drive. Then quit disk utility and finish the installation.

As far as the data on the old drive, once you have the old drive removed, you can take it into a local store, and see if they are able to restore any of the data.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much.
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
Glad I could help. Let me know if there's anything else I can do.