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Im having trouble configuring my network through a new Airport

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I'm having trouble configuring my network through a new Airport Extreme Base Station. Initially, I got the configuration set up just fine—but almost as soon as I did, the status light changed from green to flashing amber. Now I can connect my G4 through the Ethernet ports only and, although I can get my iMac to connect to the LAN, it won't connect to the Internet. Neither my G4 (which has an Airport card) nor my iPod detects a wireless signal. I've checked forums and online help. All the options they tell me to pursue (in Airport Utility for the G4; in Network Prefs for the iMac) are inactive (grayed out). Turning off and reconnecting everything (twice) made no difference. Did my base station fry itself on setup?
Ok. Lets start by making sure when all reset. I know you've done some of this, but lets try to do it again.

1) Reset the airport by plugging the Airport into power, then hold a pen or pin on the reset button until the light flashes rapidly. (could take up to a minute)
2) Restart the computer you are using to configure the Airport
3) You will know it has been reset when you see a wireless signal named Apple Network, and then a bunch of random characters.
4) Sign onto that wireless network
5) Open Airport Utility (it's in your utilities folder which is inside your Applications folder)
6) Airport Utility should find the Airport
7) Go ahead and configure it manually by double-clicking on the airport on the left.
8) In the airport tab, customize your setup, including wireless network name, password, etc.

There will be two errors when you try to apply these changes. Ignore both of them, and see if you go green. If not, let me know and we'll take additional steps.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, MacWhisperer! The G4, iMac, and iPod Touch are all happy... and so am I!

Do I need to go back and do anything about those errors, or did ignoring them make them go away?
They're not really errors. Don't sweat them.