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I have a PowerBook G4 and an iBook G3 both running Tiger 10.4.11.

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I have a PowerBook G4 and an iBook G3 both running Tiger 10.4.11. The PowerBook syncs to .Mac perfectly well, but on the iBook when I open the .Mac System Preferences pane and login, I cannot put checks in any of the items to sync and the Sync Now button is grayed out. And when I click on the Advanced tab, the list of synchronized computers says that the iBook is Never Synchronized. I can't find anything about this in any of the Mac Help documents.

I decided to create another Administrator account on the iBook and try syncing it with .Mac. That worked OK. Does that mean something is corrupted in my original user account?

I'm not sure if something is corrupt in your main account or it just needs to be reset. First, I would repair permissions with Disk Utility in the Applications/Utilities folder, restart and see if syncing works like it should.

Second, open System Preferences then click the Mobile Me button, click the advanced button, click your computer and then click the unregister button. If you can't do it on your iBook, try this on the PowerBook. Unregister the iBook then go back to the iBook and try to set up your syncing again. If that doesn't work you can do is throw away the preferences for syncing located at Home/Library/Preferences/ Take that apple.PreferenceSync.plist file and throw it in the trash, restart and see if that fixes things.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I could not find Home/Library/Preferences/ I know I was at the right place because there were lots of similar preference files there.
My apologies, I was looking at a Mac running 10.5. Since you have 10.4 I went and looked to see which file it should be on one of my Macs running 10.4.11. It should be located at Home/Library/Preferences.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX did the trick!
So glad that worked. Thanks for the accept and come back to for answers. There are lots of smart people in many categories.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
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I don't need to relist.