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How do I transfer my email addresses (contacts) from my old

Resolved Question:

How do I transfer my email addresses (contacts) from my old Dell Inspiron (XP) using Outlook Express, to my new iMac? How do I transfer my old email messages to the new iMac? How do I create new folders on my new iMac's email, so that I can group email messages by categories I have created? How do I make the font size bigger on the new iMac's email window? What key do I use to jump to the end of a line of type (the "end" key doesn't do it)?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
One question at a time:

To transfer your email, calendar and contacts from outlook to mac, the best, XXXXX XXXXX easiest way to do it is as follows:
1) transfer from outlook express to a version of outlook instead (you probably have it on your dell along with the other microsoft office programs.)
2) Go to : and purchase a copy of outlook2mac (it's cheap)
3) Run it, and allow it to transfer all the files you want to move.
4) Using a flash drive or by burning a CD/DVD, transfer those files to the mac and import them into the apple address book, the apple mail and ical.

To create folders on mac mail click the plus button on the lower left corner of Mail.

To make the font permanently bigger on the mac mail window, go to the mail menu at the top and select preferences. From there go to the fonts and colors section.

To make the email fonts temporarily bigger, go to the view menu and select customize toolbar. On the screen that drops down, find the icon of the Small and Large A, drag it up onto the toolbar above. Then click the done button. Clicking the small or large A will make the font in front of you smaller or larger, but if you print it out it will print at a normal size. This is for when people email you with really tiny fonts or really large fonts.

As far as the End key... you're out of luck on that one unless you can find a keyboard with an end button that works or a third party application that enables that function. It's never been a function on the mac.
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