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I am receiving the same persistent Vimax penis enlargement

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I am receiving the same persistent Vimax penis enlargement banner ads on all three of my browsers (Safari, FireFox, IE). Not only do these banner ads show up when I surf in my mac account (I am administrator) but also in my wife and childrens' accounts. I have removed all cookies, deleted all histories, and emptied caches in all browsers in all accounts but these same banner ads persist. How can I get rid of them?
If these ads are showing up on Web pages, then you are out of luck. They are being sent to you from an ad company. They are not on your computer, not how it works.

However, you should get a virus scanner program and run it. You may have caught a DSN trojan that is affecting your browsing.

Banner ads are a pain and really cannot be stopped.

Another way is to only use Firefox and put in No-Script and AdBlock Plus. Both are Firefox extensions and they stop almost all ads and Flash/Java things from loading.

Just open Firefox and go to Tools - Add Ons. Search for the above names and download them and say yes to install.

Now you will be able to surf without a lot of ads including your not so favorite ones.

Be sure to read up on how No Script works. You will need to make adjustments as your surf web pages.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks - I installed the plugins and opened my WebMail (earthlink) application in Firefox. I received the message: "system requires you to have JavaScript enabled in your browser..." However, JavaScript IS enabled. WebMail worked fine before I did the installs. Suggestions?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Disregard previous - I figured it out - thanks.
Yes. You will have to go to the little red S at the bottom right of the screen. Click on this icon and a menu pops up. Choose ALLOW for each item in this list. That way each time you visit this site, it will work as expected.

Be careful which sites you ALLOW. Some are just the ad sites and they should not be allowed. Others may be support sites. What I do is use the TEMPORARILY ALLOW choice first. then if everything works as expected, I choose ALLOW. Some sites use web sites like Google, akami, and others to supply ads and click tracking. this tool allows you to prevent this type of use to follow you or bother you while you browse.

Each web site you visit you will need to do the pop-up until you have gotten the settings as you want them.

Sites will load faster without Flash loading, ads loading, etc.

If you need nay m ore help, feel free to reply back here anytime.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Uhoh - little problem. This solution worked fine in my account but in my daughter's account (the one I really care about) those banner ads still appear. I thought i would need to enable the add-ons for the Firefox in her account but when I went to preferences I got the following error message (which I copied and posted on my server so you can download and see it):

please advise
Is your daughters account a standard or limited account? or does she have admin priviileges?

Is this erro from the Preferences? or after you enabled the add--on and went to her mail page?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's a standard account (she's 10). The error was from the Preferences - but when I went back to her account and closed and opened the application I was able to do the Add-ons and all worked fine. Now I know what I'll have to do for each of the accounts on the computer. Incidentally, I do prefer Safari - are there any tools comparable to these for that browser? FYI - I'm leaving for work so will respond to you in the evening. Best and Thanks!
here's one called AdBlock.

And another called PithHelmet.

both work well.