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I inherited an old IMac (OS 9) with AOL 4. I do not know the

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I inherited an old IMac (OS 9) with AOL 4. I do not know the previous owner's password. I am able to log on to my existing AOL account but only as a guest, so I only have e-mail capability and no web access. Is there any simple solution to the problem.
Do you have the disk that came with the imac? Do you know the speed of the machine? Best way to do it is reset the password, or possibly upgrade the machine to OSX, and wipe the old data and start over.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank youfor the quick response; I assume I would also need some firmware installed before the OSX upgrade
Depends on the model. What color is it? Does it have a slot loading cd drive or a tray? It can at least handle 10.4, but yes, it may need a firmware update to get it there. Do you have any disks on it?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The unit is green with a CD slot
I have the following discs:
Quick Start
IMac S/W Install
IMac S/W restore
plus several applications

Where do I find "accept"?
I am assuming you have none of your own data on this machine. If that is correct, put in the Software INstall disk 1, and start up the computer. While you start it, hold the C button, then follow the prompts. This will erase the disk, and reset it to factory defaults. This will allow you to set your own password. Once you get everything back up, run software update (from the apple menu, control panel), and run and install all updates. Then let me know if you want to know upgrade options.
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