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My wife gave me her Mac. How do I get her off of the machine

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My wife gave me her Mac. How do I get her off of the machine and me on to it?

Go to the System Preferences and click on Accounts.

Create a new Admin account with your username/shortname. Click the '+' sign at the bottom left of the window. You may have to unlock the window, so enter the Admin password.

Log out of her account. Log back in with your new account.

Go back to System Preferences and now you can delete the user with her name.

You will be given a couple of options as to how to delete her files/etc...choose the one the one that fits what you want.

If you have files/apps you want on the Mac in your user, you can now copy them over. Applications installed will stay on the Mac, only the files/folders in her user home folder will be removed.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Thanks for the help. I created my account. You mentioned apps - My wife has Microsoft Office 2004 on her account - can I get these transferred over to mine?






All apps should be in the Applications folder which is universal to all users.

If she has the Office folder in the Applications folder in HER home folder, simply drag the entire folder (Microsoft Office) to the Applications folder in the Macintosh HD (there can be an Applications Folder for all users AND an Applications Folder for each User. Best to keep everything in the default folder location).

If that folder is already there, just make sure that all of the applications; Word, Excel PowerPoint, Entourage, are in that folder.

Otherwise, all other apps should be in the default install location, the Applications folder.

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