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have a Mac with Paraells and it used to work just fine... ...but

Customer Question

have a Mac with Paraells and it used to work just fine...

...but now, when I try to switch from Mac to Windows, the Windows screen covers my dock so I can't switch back to Mac.

I don't know what I did wrong but I'm sure it's an easy fix, but I just can't find it in my Mac instruction book.

Any help??

Also, another problem...

I use Firefox and want to make both my Mac and Windows the same as far as the tabs go. But, when I try to copy and paste from one to the other, it won't let me do it...Any help here?

Thanks in advance!!!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
When you turn on Parallels, does it start windows right away, or do you get to a setup window first? If you get to the setup window, go into preferences. View should not be full screen, that's why the dock disappears.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I found my answer elsewhere (No offense, but I don't understand your answer...that is my problem, NOT yours! I was told to hit the alt/Option button along with the Enter/Return button....And sure enough, my normal paraells was returned....I can now switch back and forth from Mac to Windows with no hassles) You'll get my accept button.

Now, what I don't understand is this....

Why doesn't the right click of the mouse work like it does in windows. And...How do you copy and paste...I know how to copy and drag onto the same page, but I need to copy and page to different pages...Here for existance...This is the same question I asked in my original post but I had to re-write it.


Expert:  The MacWhisperer replied 8 years ago.
In the preferences section of parallels, there is an option regarding right mouse button clicks. As far as copying and pasting, are you trying to sync up the bookmarks? You can export them all and then re-import them into the windows machine easier than moving them one at a time.

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