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this problem started yesterday only some of my programs

Customer Question

this problem started yesterday:

only some of my programs are working on the internet. Safari, versiontracker, itunes and software update are not connected, but firefox, entourage and skype are. I've used the network diagnostics and internet connection assistant and that shows I am connected.
Firefox, Skype, Mail and Entourage work fine.
I have restarted a few times.
I have a 17in Mac Powerbook and am running OS 10.4.11

The other MACs in the office are working fine. They can connect via itunes, Safari, software update and versiontrackerPro, but I cannot.

I can get to but my versiontrackerPro will not connect.

I tried connecting via Safari to and got the message that Safari could not connect because it could not find the server.

I downloaded the DNSchanger removal tool and I do NOT have that trojan horse.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  drpj replied 8 years ago.
Before you try the fsck solution you might want to try to "Repair Permissions" with the "Disk Utility" program that comes with the Mac.
Expert:  drpj replied 8 years ago.
Based on a lengthy thread in Apple's support forum, I'm guessing that the problem is that some programs (Safari, mail) time out sooner than others (Firefox) when trying to get an IP address from a DNS server. Most web pages actually contain elements from multiple hosts, that's why even if you type in an IP address numerically (i.e you can get the host not found message when the browser is trying to find an element referenced on that page that resides on another server.

It seems the best solution is to add a known reliable DNS server manually to the network configuration.

System Preferences:Network:Advanced:DNS

Try adding these DNS servers:,,

Let us know if that solves your problem.